Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters of Los Angeles (JBBBSLA) is Recruiting “Bigs” and “Littles” for Their Mentoring Program.

Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters of Los Angeles (JBBBSLA) is committed to connecting Jewish families to an impactful mentorship experience for children and teens.
Big Brother Ethan gets together for an outing with his Little Brother, Isaac.

Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters of Los Angeles (JBBBSLA) is committed to connecting Jewish families to an impactful mentorship experience for children and teens. For over 100 years, the staff at JBBBSLA has created, nurtured, and professionally supported one-to-one matches, serving thousands of young people over time. The need for these mentorship connections has never been higher than during the pandemic.

In households across LA, many Jewish children have been isolated in their homes during the pandemic. Mentors at JBBBSLA have the potential to make a life-changing impact on Jewish youth, by building a child’s confidence, increasing their school engagement, and helping them develop stronger social skills.

JBBBSLA matches Bigs and Littles based on compatibility of interests, personalities, strengths, and needs. Matches spend time together twice a month engaging in recreational, cultural, or educational outings. JBBBSLA also sponsors free match activities and agency-wide events throughout the year. While participants commit to the program for at least one year, many remain in each other’s lives for much longer as caring, trusted friends. Additionally, JBBBSLA offers additional opportunities such as access to sleepaway camp experiences, free college guidance counseling, and college scholarships. To learn more about the mentorship program, click here.

Are you a parent looking for a program for your Jewish child?

Little Sister Alex hula hoops in a backyard with her Big Sister, Leeron.

“I found someone I could talk to about important things in my life, someone who would listen, and someone who I knew I could look up to.” – Alex, Little Sister, Age 12.

As a parent, you recognize the potential of your child better than anyone. By giving your child the opportunity to be part of Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters, you’re starting them down a path to an even brighter, more promising future. Having a Big means having an additional friend and advocate who can play a role in your child’s development and success. JBBBSLA staff will pair your child with a Jewish Big over the age of 21 who is caring, trusted, friendly, and has a variety of personal and professional experiences that make them relatable to your child.   Staff at JBBBSLA conduct extensive background checks and interviews to ensure the quality of our mentors and provide the best match possible.

Click here to learn more about signing up your child to be matched with a Big.

The Benefits of a child having a Big

It all starts with the right role models. A Big can help your child be more confident, do better in school, get along better with family and friends, feel better about themselves, and experience new activities that connect them with Los Angeles and the Jewish community.

Who is Eligible?

Littles in our mentorship program come from a range of circumstances, such as single parent homes, or families struggling with severe illness, loss or financial hardship.

Many parents ask to what level does their family need to be “Jewish.” Littles in the mentoring program do not need to belong to a particular sect of Judaism nor be a member of a synagogue. If your child identifies as Jewish, JBBBSLA staff will consider the mentorship application.

Are you a Jewish adult looking to give back?

After throwing a football, Big Brother Michael listens to his Little Brother Avi talk about his classes and his friends.

“There are so many ways to give back, but nothing has been as meaningful to me as being a mentor.” – Michael, Big Brother

Becoming a Big is one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling things you’ll ever do. You can help shape a child’s future for the better by empowering them to achieve. And the best part is, it’s actually a lot of fun! You and your Little can share the kinds of activities you already like to do.

“We don’t match for convenience or expedience. We match for quality,” JBBBSLA’s CEO Cari Uslan explained.  “That’s why our success rate is so high and long-lasting. Our average match length is 3-4 years and, although we only ask for a one-year commitment, most matches continue much longer.”

JBBBSLA has 30 kids waiting for a caring, adult role model – the majority are boys and live in the valley.

Click here to learn more about becoming a Big and impacting a child’s life.

The Benefits of Being a Big

Our mentors often say that the mentoring experience brings them happiness, joy, and pride. JBBBSLA offers opportunities for Bigs to network and meet new people, a connection to the Jewish community, and the most rewarding Jewish volunteer experience in Los Angeles. Being a Big will change a child’s life, and YOURS.

Who is Eligible?

Jewish adults age 21 and above are eligible to become Bigs. To be considered for the mentorship program, applicants must identify as Jewish. Bigs must also agree to be matched with their Little for at least one year, and be committed to spending 2-3 hours together twice a month.

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