Public Diplomacy is Boring. Fight the Jew Haters with Israeli Parties.

Let the cops make the arrests. Fight the joyless antisemites with Tel Aviv party pop ups.
June 13, 2024
Eyal Lasry dances near a large “bring them home now” banner on March 23, 2024 in Tel Aviv, Israel. (Photo by Alexi J. Rosenfeld/Getty Images)

The Jew haters have gone hysterical. They have no limits. No decency. They will spew their hate outside an art exhibit for the victims of the Nova festival. They will assault a Chabad rabbi at UCLA. They will target anyone they think is a Zionist.

They’ve gone berserk.

Their goal is to intimidate Jews. To shut us up. To make us cower and go home.

The haters are making all the noise.

And what do we do?

We complain.

We write articles.

We talk about the need for public diplomacy.

We publish leaflets.

We argue on social media.

But what we do on the streets, where the real action is happening?

We’ve given that up.

They fight on the streets. We fight on Instagram.

When we occasionally hit the streets, it’s with a show of Israeli flags. We show our Jewish pride.

That’s fine, but it’s soft. It’s predictable.

What do the Jew haters show on the streets?

They show hate and ugliness.

Who would ever want to be friends with that?

What should Jews show?

They should show fun.

They should have a party.

Anywhere there’s a hatefest, they should set up a party pop up.

It’s not that complicated: One tent. One portable sound system. Killer Israeli music.

Invite a group of cool Jews who like to dance, blast the music, fly the Israeli flag, and start dancing. And serve coffee. They scream “Free, free Palestine,” you scream “Free, free coffee.”


Fight the joyless haters with a Tel Aviv party.

Let the cops make the arrests. Let the legal eagles and activists do their thing. Let the PR experts make the arguments.

You hit the streets and campuses and party. You do happiness. You show fun and love of life, not fear.

So when the media cover the hysterical haters screaming up a storm, now they’ll cover Jews dancing and having a blast.

Put yourself in the shoes of anyone walking by who’s got nothing to do with either side.

Who do you think they’d want to be friends with?

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