Because A Terrorist Group Went After ‘Those Jews!’

You may not believe it, but here’s how it happened.
July 10, 2024
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Author’s Note: The following is meant to demonstrate cause and effect, and how the reprehensible actions of a savage terrorist group can unleash irreversible havoc and chaos, similar to a domino effect, if the dominos were steel and concrete buildings in which terrorists embedded themselves with civilians. 

Any resemblance to the classic 1975 children’s picture book, “Because a Little Bug Went Ka-Choo,” by Dr. Seuss (who used the pen name, “Rosetta Stone”), in which an adorable bug sneezes, creating a butterfly effect of events that quickly devolves into hysterical bedlam, is purely noncoincidental. Scout’s Honor. 

You may not believe it, but here’s how it happened. One fine fall morning, a terrorist group went after “those Jews” and attacked Israel. 

Because of that attack, 1,200 Israelis were murdered and hundreds were taken hostage. 

Because they were murdered, raped or kidnapped, Israel responded by vowing to annihilate the terrorist group, Hamas, and its collaborators. 

Because Israel decided to defend itself, thousands of people gathered in London to protest Israel. 

Because thousands of people immediately protested Israel, some protesters felt emboldened to openly support Hamas and proudly display signs that read, “Glory to the freedom fighters.”

Because so many protesters in London were unabashedly pro-Hamas, American antisemites who had previously declared they were merely “anti-Zionists” perked up their heads and began to take notice, particularly at universities. 

Because many antisemitic American students felt vindicated by openly pro-Hamas protesters in Europe and Canada, regime leaders in Iran began to smile. 

Because the Ayatollah smiled, Israel uselessly reiterated (again) that this war was a war not merely against Hamas, but against violent fanatics with direct ties to the Islamic Republic of Iran. 

Because Israeli messages tend to be useless in light of the sheer volume of lies, propaganda and brainwashing against the Jewish state, the media reverted to its old habit of dismissing Israel’s facts and arguments. 

Because the media’s knee-jerk reaction was to dismiss, overlook or even falsify Israel’s claims, overnight, the world believed that Israel bombed a hospital in Gaza and killed over 500 civilians.

Because the world believed the lie about the hospital, the Palestinian Health Ministry (Hamas) was again validated in its long-held belief that it could lie about anything related to Israel and the media would eat up and distribute those lies. 

Because the media continued to distribute the terror group’s lies, tens of millions of people worldwide turned against Israel. 

Because tens of millions of people turned against Israel, fanatical college students in the West understood that there has never been a better time to recruit their uninformed peers into an unprecedented campaign of blind hatred against the Jewish state. 

Because so many uninformed young Americans were quickly recruited to side against Israel, some young American Jews also decided they would be the face and voice of the anti-Israel movement. 

Because some young American Jews became the useful faces and voices of a brilliant propaganda campaign against Israel, the word “Zionism” increasingly became a dirty word to be used at one’s peril. 

Because Zionism became such a dirty word, an unprecedented campaign to publicly identify and alienate Zionists emerged in sectors ranging from academia and the arts to writing and publishing. 

Because Zionists were now “outed” as if they were subhuman, true Jewish liberals and defenders of freedom begged others to see that such tactics were anathema to liberty, democracy and Western values, and terrifyingly similar to the kind of prejudiced censorship found in the Middle East and Communist states and, most of all, in Iran. 

Because the Ayatollah in Iran understood that Iran’s 45-year campaign to render Zionism a dirty word was being embraced by everyone from purple-haired California college students to white-collar publishers in the U.K., he smiled. And Iran felt free to fire over 300 missiles and rockets against Israel.

Because Iran dared to fire over 300 missiles and rockets at Israel, and because most of them were miraculously shot down by Israel and a few surprising allies, many Jews doubled down on their Jewish pride and identity, and felt an even bigger stake in the future of Israel. 

Because Jews doubled down on Judaism and Zionism, antisemites worldwide responded with even more hate and violence because to an antisemite, a spirited Jew who insists on living is intolerable. 

Because Jews doubled down on Judaism and Zionism, antisemites worldwide responded with even more hate and violence because to an antisemite, a spirited Jew who insists on living is intolerable. 

Because a spirited Jew is intolerable to antisemites, Hamas refused to surrender, negotiate or release Israeli hostages, while continuing to embed itself in civilian areas, resulting in more Palestinian casualties which, for Hamas, was a highly desirable outcome because it knows the world will always blame Israel for any Palestinian death. 

Because the world always blames Israel for Palestinian suffering and can never hold Palestinians accountable for anything, a mini-army of bored college students launched a violent takeover of universities that targeted … yes, Jewish students!

Because these bored and hysterical antisemites poisoned an entire year of campus life, Jewish students and faculty doubled down on Zionism and Jewish pride, resulting in what may be described as a renaissance of Jewish pride and joy in America.

Because Jewish pride and joy have resurfaced worldwide, young IDF soldiers were reenergized in their efforts to destroy Hamas and free the hostages, resulting in a miraculous mission that brought home four captive Israelis. 

Because one of those freed captives, Noa Argamani, was photographed enjoying a bottle of Coca-Cola with her father, there was an immediate campaign to boycott Coke. 

Because antisemites realized that even Coke was not off-limits, they immediately rushed to shut down the absolutely harmless and somber Nova Music Festival Massacre Exhibit in New York. 

Because shouting pro-Hamas slogans outside the Nova exhibit seemed to have finally crossed a line, even several uber-progressive, anti-Israel House representatives who condemned the Nova protesters as being antisemitic are now the target of protesters, and are being accused of being “AIPAC puppets,” as antisemitic leftists now seem to be turning on each other. 

Because American representatives who previously accused Israel of genocide are now the target of hate and protests from within their own Leftist movements for having called out antisemitism, the Ayatollah is, at the moment, surprised and confused. Iran and the Palestinians were really counting on American progressives in power to stand unified against the only liberal democracy in the Middle East. 

So now the Jews are energized, the bored antisemites are getting a discount on tents for the next semester, and the Ayatollahs can’t figure out these American leftists. 

And all that happened. Believe me. It’s true.

Because … just because … a terrorist group went after “Those Jews!”

Tabby Refael is an award-winning writer, speaker and weekly columnist for The Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles. Follow her on X and Instagram @TabbyRefael.

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