A New Way to Support Israel in 5780

October 8, 2019

Rosh Hashanah is time for introspection and celebration. We reflect on all that has happened in the last year—our deeds, our relationships, and our impact. At the same time, we celebrate the start of a new year, and the chance to make new choices that reflect our values. Now is the time to put into practice the resolutions that we make. I’m very blessed to say that in 5779, after over 40 years in investment management, my colleagues and I combined our professional experience with our deep passion for supporting Israel into a new venture: The Jerusalem Portfolio (TJP).

For years, our strategic wealth advisory firm, RVW Wealth, has been trusted by clients for delivering the highest quality investment management and related services. Now, we’ve channeled our pride for the Jewish state into an investment vehicle that gives individuals, foundations, and institutions the opportunity to own a stake in Israeli-focused companies. It allows investors to tap into Israel’s rapidly-expanding economy and reflect their values in their portfolios.

Through TJP, investors can own fractional interests in a diversified group of over 100 top-tier Israeli-focused public companies that are delivering world-changing impact. Companies like Check Point Software Tech, Elbit Systems Ltd, Novocure Ltd, Wix.com Ltd, and more—spanning sectors from healthcare and technology, to energy and cybersecurity.

The modern state of Israel is doing good in the world through innovation—and Israeli entrepreneurs are doing well. In fact, just this year, the technology sector of the Israeli market reached several all-time highs, as measured by the BlueStar Israel Global Technology (BIGITech)® Index. The record-breaking growth of the Israeli market tech sector underscores the value of investing in Israeli-focused public companies. With TJP, investors gain unprecedented access to the Start-up Nation’s market, including companies tracked by the BIGITech® Index.

Tax efficient, low-cost, and completely liquid, TJP empowers community members to easily create a new account, which is an ideal gift for simchas. For as little as $180, a permanent bond with the State of Israel can be established, and in time, the recipient of the gift can add to it. Each gift is accompanied by a beautiful customized certificate and a graphic depiction of Jerusalem. TJP also offers access to the Israeli economy for larger portfolios for individuals, foundations, and retirement plans. And as part of RVW Wealth’s mission to give back, we also donate a portion of TJP fees on each account to Leket, Israel’s national food bank that is actively working to alleviate nutritional insecurity in the country.

TJP was developed by and is part of RVW Wealth, LLC, a registered investment advisor, to provide clients and others an investment opportunity that would have the biggest impact, not just on their bottom line, but also in doing good through supporting Israel. Our team members are pure fiduciary advisors with no conflicts of interest, and RVW Wealth has a multi-decade track record of delivering the highest quality investment management and related services.

The entire RVW Team is filled with pride when we think about the outpouring of passion for The Jerusalem Portfolio and the new opportunities it provides. We are seeing just how much our community cares about the future of the Jewish state, and how many want to be connected to Israel by investing in its economy. Just a few months after our launch, more than 23,000 people liked our Facebook page, and every day we see how excited our fans are as they like, comment on, and share our posts.

This new year is a time when proud supporters of Israel can embark on a new path: to invest with both their hearts and their heads and celebrate the ability to be bold and put their money where their mouths are. The Jerusalem Portfolio gives investors the ability to own a stake in the vibrant Israeli economy, counter delegitimization of the Jewish state, and achieve their financial goals through a highly competitive asset class.

We are deeply dedicated to this portfolio. It empowers investors to tap into Israel’s rapidly-expanding economy, all while embracing an unbreakable, centuries-old bond with the Jewish State. In 5780, we invite you to consider investing not only in your own future, but in Israel’s too. On behalf of our entire team, shana tovah and wishes for a sweet year filled with joy and new heights.

Selwyn Gerber is the co-founder and chief strategist of TJP and RVW Wealth. For more information, please visit the The Jerusalem Portfolio

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