June 17, 2019

I recently read an article about the popular show Sex in the City, which, as I am sure you recall, was about 4 women in New York and their much-discussed romances. In the article they interviewed the writer, Candice Bushnell, who said that she was writing a new book and creating a show called “Is there still sex in the city.” The show will be in a similar vein about women, relationships and friendships, but it will be about the age group of women in their 50’s and 60’s. As much as I enjoyed some of the episodes of the show and even watched the movies, my initial thought was that it would be fun to watch a show about women in my age group. Then I thought, hold on a moment, my life is certainly different from someone in their 20’s or 30’s, but for any woman who is single and wants to be in a relationship, the issues discussed in the earlier show, are just as relevant to older women. Even if a woman is over 50, she may still want to meet her Mr. Big (without the years of drama of course), she would still love to have fun nights out with her friends, she may still want to start a new career… in many ways a woman over 50 has dreams and goals that are quite similar. It made me wondered why there has to be a different show for a different age group, even though I understood the reasoning. The fact that we are “older,” does not mean we cannot change direction, start over or have complicated love lives and that there is no more Sex in the City after 50!

Things have definitely changed for women. In my mother’s day, once the kids were out of school you had hobbies if you were not working and starting a new career was not as common as it is today. If you were single you did not meet men in a bar or party, you were introduced by family or something more demure. One night stands were definitely not a thing, although I am pretty sure they happened. There are many women today, who, even after 50 have gone back to school to study for a new career and is taking a completely different direction. However, for those who do, there is a whole other issue to consider. When we were younger we merely had competition from other people of the same or similar age, who might be vying for the same job. Now, however, even if an older woman is more qualified, there is often the issue of an employer preferring a younger person. In fact many businesses are filled with young, hip people of both sexes (think Google or YouTube) and an older person would kind of stand out like a sore thumb. We may be just as creative, work as hard, have as much energy and up on the latest of whatever is trending… but we are not considered for many positions because of our AGE! Ridiculous!

Sadly, women over 50 seem to be treated as though they are invisible. To add insult to injury, when an older woman goes to parties, they complain that while they may meet some great men, those men prefer to chase after the women who are much younger. I spoke to a friend of mine, Lori Hart, who is in the beauty business and who is, at the tender age of 65, also reinventing and restructuring her life. Lori specializes in anti-aging treatments and told me how so many women at legacy ages, come to her studio feeling that they somehow have to compete with younger women for dates and this often leads them to trying awfully scary plastic surgery procedures as well as fillers and injectables.

I know this topic has been discussed and discussed but it took on a whole new meaning when she told me that often this search of perfection and youth starts as early now for women in their 30’s! Lori has had her own run-in with liposuction that left her with digestive issues and does not believe in any harmful treatments or surgical procedures. Women have in fact, searched her out to help with botched procedures. Well, I will let Lori tell you in her own words. Click on the link to read Lori’s experiences with women who search for youth in all the wrong places.

Thank you for spending this time with me!


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More news and opinions than at a Shabbat dinner, right in your inbox.

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