Lena Wilson Announced New CEO of Vista Del Mar

June 27, 2019
Lena Wilson

Lena Wilson, who got her JD from University of Detroit Mercy, was announced the new CEO and President of Vista Del Mar, on June 3, 2019. A prime mental health and welfare center in Los Angeles, Vista Del Mar provides services in areas such as mental health, autism, adoption, and Jewish life programs for children. 

For the last 20 years, Mrs. Wilson served 1000 children in foster, 1000 children in the adoption program, and 6,000 individuals in the preservation and prevention program in Samaritas, a nonprofit organization based in Michigan. But, for Wilson, Vista Del Mar is her “dream job,” as she described it. 

Founded in 1908, Vista Del Mar has been a center and home for children and their families for 111 years. Once an orphanage for Jewish children, it now provides services to all communities from various different backgrounds, Wilson, the new CEO and President told the Journal. Although Vista is no longer only a Jewish orphanage, it still maintains its Jewish roots. Wilson, making reference to the Holocaust, said, “I think from that experience its really ingrained…that when you see an individual in need, that you extend that hand.”

Only three years ago, on June 14 2016, Vista Del Mar welcomed the ninth President and CEO, Nancy Tallerino.

Vista’s Board Chair, Laurie Konheim offered the following:  “On behalf of the Board of Directors, we are pleased and proud that Lena will be Vista Del Mar’s new President and CEO. Together, we will ensure that Vista remains a cornerstone of the Los Angeles community in 2019 and beyond, providing exceptional, comprehensive, and compassionate services to the children and families most in need of them.”

Although Wilson has many goals for Vista Del Mar, she said her first plan of action is to meet and create relationships with the key players involved with the organization. She also wants to establish a a more financially sustainable organization, “making… [this] organization as flexible and nimble [as possible] and making sure we can change as the tides change. As well as being a part of driving change.”

Then, Wilson wants to make sure she addresses the service gaps, and ultimately provide for those services at Vista Del Mar wherever they may be lacking. In the end, she said,  “We are the last hope or the last opportunity that these children have to reach their ultimate potential.” 

Vista Del Mar is located at 3200 Motor Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90034. Learn more about their services here.

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