February 25, 2020

Things To Do while in London

Saturday night Purim party by OY GEVALT, a Jewish student organization. Their Moto: here EVERYONE comes to have a good time. NO CLASS divisions;  no remnants for status orientation.”

It was my first night in London and I didn’t comprehend what they were talking about, later on I learned having money plays a major role in English society. ” title=”http://www.jccventures.org.uk/” target=”_blank”>http://www.jccventures.org.uk/

Ivor Dembina will be performing and discussing, to say the least, his unconventional stand-up comedy. If you are looking for pure Jewish humor, this is definitely it. Come open-minded but bring your critical self.

Mr. Dembina’s sessions are aimed at giving humour an importance in your life. They are open to everyone, be it the public or comedy artistes young or old. ” title=”http://www.thejlc.org/consult.html” target=”_blank”>http://www.thejlc.org/consult.html

If to sum up the total London Jewish experience for me-  not assigning it to any of the specific agents mentioned above (!)- it was in general very unpleasant and not at all friendly.

Organizations offering services to the community are shutting out their own customers on a base that security is high priority for Jews socializing.

Having spent my last May in Budapest at the Israeli Cultural Institute, while skin-head protested down the window, but we were still open and in business and welcoming took the entire paranoid Jews of London out of proportion in my eyes.