January 17, 2019

There’s an Easier Way to Find the Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring

Finding the right engagement ring is a lot harder than one might imagine. This piece of jewelry is not only meant to symbolize the love a partner has for the other, but the jewelry piece is going to be worn most of the time.

There is an overwhelming amount of options out there, making it harder to make a decision. The struggle is real, and it is something that plagued Adam Stein, who is a member of the Los Angeles Jewish Community. His religious background highlighted the importance of this day and what this ring symbolizes.

Stein wanted to find a way to make things easier for the groom-to-be because love should not be bogged down by stress. It took him a while, but he finally found a revolutionizing solution that is worthy of admiration.

Why is it so Hard to Find the Right Engagement Ring?


There are a number of reasons why finding the right engagement ring is hard. Some people blame film and other forms of media since many of these entertainment mediums have created unrealistic expectations.

Yes, the person proposing has to make sure that the ring wows the bride-to-be as much as the women in film have been wowed. It is an impossible task to live up to and is probably one reason expectations are so high.

As disheartening as this might sound, more married individuals are dissatisfied with their engagement ring than those who are content.

A woman in Australia complained that her groom-to-be proposed with a $1,640 ring. The woman said that the ring was a little small, and she pointed out that her partner makes a six-figure income. She did not mention anything about being dissatisfied with the ring’s style but rather how small and inexpensive it was.

Her story shows just how high expectations can be and how easily the wrong ring can thwart an otherwise beautiful declaration of love.

Stein’s Solution to the Engagement Ring Issue


Adam Stein saw the problem and wanted to offer a practical solution that would solve it. He grew up in a Los Angeles Orthodox Jewish community where the sanctity of marriage is highly praised. Stein understood that marriage should be a celebration of love that should not be spoiled with a ring problem.

Stein understood that what made buying the perfect diamond engagement ring hard was that it was confusing. Some try to rely on jewelry experts to find the right ring, but experts usually inject personal preference, which can further confuse the husband-to-be.

This is part of what drove Stein to create ROSI a diamond algorithm used to power RockHer‘s diamond search, a website for grooms-to-be who want to feel confident about the diamond in the engagement ring they purchase.

It should be noted that purchasing the right diamond engagement ring also signifies a good investment. Money doesn’t grow on trees, so Stein’s solution to narrow down choices reduces the risk of making a bad investment.

Stein’s solution is called ROSI, which is an Intelligent Diamond Buying Algorithm. The algorithm simplifies the diamond buying process using information provided by the client. It uses big data to find diamonds that best suit the bride and grooms budget, yet keeping the wow factor in play. Keep in mind that this is an algorithm, so the choices are going to be affected by the technology’s personal preferences.

It might be hard to believe that Stein, who holds a Masters in Molecular and Cell Biology from Georgetown University in addition to a Neuroscience undergraduate degree from New York University, would discover this solution, but he’s a romantic.

The ROSI diamond buying algorithm makes RockHer revolutionary and delivers results in mere seconds, bringing simplicity back to the engagement ring buying experience.