December 14, 2018

Men’s Jewelry: How To Select The Right Jewelry Gift For Him

If you want to buy an excellent piece of jewelry that your husband, boyfriend or fiance will treasure for the rest of his life, you should read the tips and ideas in this article. You will discover how to get him to say “wow” after he opens the jewelry gift box. Here are four essential points to keep in mind when you are shopping for a man’s jewelry.

1. Masculinity and Jewelry


It is important to know whether a piece of jewelry or pendant is masculine enough. But this is usually a rather subjective topic. So the outcome of the assessment of masculinity depends on your partner. Take some time to find out the type of jewelry that he likes to wear. What one person sees as perfect for him may not be suitable for another. You can easily find out more about your partner’s preferences by asking a few questions about his disposition towards various pieces of high-end men’s jewelry displayed on a website or magazine.

2. Focus on Style


If your man currently wears jewelry, it will be easier to select the style of jewelry that he will love. You can simply look at the style and get a lot of ideas and even ask some of his close friends to give you their opinion. But if he is not yet wearing the type of jewelry you want to buy, you need to choose one that will fit his perception of masculinity. For instance, a pendant with an angular design is much better than one with a flowery design. Depending on his personality, you can choose a design that has a religious connotation, a favorite animal, or one with a special geometric pattern.

3. Select Gemstones With Care


Gemstones in a man’s pendant are greatly influenced by masculinity. You can easily decide on the type of gemstones that should be in his jewelry with a simple question: “Does he wear a lot of jewelry?” If he does, you can choose from options like garnet, amethyst, or peridot. On the other hand, it does not put on a lot of jewelry, you can go for options like iolite, jet or onyx. If you want to buy something much more expensive, you can choose sapphires or diamonds instead of rubies.

4. Pick the Right Size of Chain


If you decide to buy a pendant for your partner, you have to make a choice from several options including gold, silver, rope, rubber, wire, steel, silk, leather and a large number of variations. If you are not satisfied with the kind of chain the jeweler has selected, you can request for a change and it will be altered. Apart from the material used to make the chain, you also need to focus on the length of the chain. The most common choices include 20, 18 and 16 inches. Make your choice based on the size of his neck and whether he likes it close to the collar or lower down.

These are some of the most important factors to consider when choosing jewelry gifts for men. If you follow the tips and advice provided here, you should be able to give your partner a gift that he will love to wear for the rest of his life.