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December 13, 2023

Part 2 in what I hope to be a series of informational links to videos, articles and threads about Israel. Help improve you and your friends’ algorithms by sharing this post, AND clicking on the links.

Each time I do this I will attempt to find things from different social media platforms (to improve algorithms on more than just Facebook), and help counter the multitude of anti-Israel propaganda circulating the internet.

-I will not be sharing lazy memes.

-I will attempt to always include pieces by non-Jews, and ideally the Muslim community.

-I will for the most part avoid sharing things that I have already seen as widely circulated on my feed.

-I will attach a pleasant photograph to improve the chances of it being seen, since social media prefers not to highlight links that take you off their platform. This one being my family visiting Israel in 1983, that’s me with no shirt!

-I have no objection including things that are critical of Israel, as long as they add value, and feel thoughtful and fair. Nobody claims Israel is perfect, however I stand-by steadfastly that like America, it is an extremely well-meaning country trying to do what’s right, protecting its citizenry of all religions; and when its people commit crimes, as with any civilized country, they are punished with due process. Quite impressive for a tiny country to hold these moral, democratic values when surrounded by enemies who do not have freedom of press, religion or sexuality.

Without further ado, I present to you my next array of links that I think you will appreciate:


1. Once again, my article that explains why I decided to do this:


2. Are you seeing US Representative (D) Ritchie Torres Twitter feed? He’s being a one-man education team about Israel, it’s epic. Follow him:


3. Know about the Druze? They make up under 10% of the Arab population in Israel, about 150,000 people strong, and here’s a wonderful interview showing their community stance during this war:


4. You’re likely more familiar with CUFI (Christians United For Israel), but might want to know about their efforts since October 7:


5. Shifa Hospital is the largest in the Gaza Strip. “Hospitals, medical clinics, and facilities are exploited, he said, because Hamas knows that Israel won’t target them. The sites can be used to pass “explosives, weapons, food, medical equipment” for use by the terror group.” Read more here:


6. Amjad Taha, a British Arab journalist, has been trying to improve normalization between Israel and Muslim countries, and has a great feed to follow. Here he reports how Hamas were assassinating their own citizens who are trying to get safe passage, and as usual, trying to pin it on Israel:


7. A really important piece exposing some so-called journalists, who are simply mouthpieces for Hamas with large social media followings. “Many media watchdogs and Israeli activists have written about Hind Khoudary (@hindkhoudary), a self-proscribed journalist. HonestReporting recently revealed that Khoudary, who has been quoted by the Washington Post, Associated Press, and others, turned a group of Palestinian peace activists over to Hamas, which led to their arrest.” Despicable in every way:


8. While I don’t love the well-meaning but totally counterproductive final recommendation for ceasefire (sounds nice on paper, but plays directly into the hands of Hamas who admitted they will just attack again and again until there’s no more Israel), this message coming from an Arab MK is amazing, and shows how well integrated Muslims and Jews actually are within Israel: https://blogs.timesofisrael.com/for-arabs-and-jews-in…/


1. Amjad Taha reporting a relevant video showing Abbas, the head of the PA, announcing weeks ago that Hamas fled using ambulances, and as usual trying to make Israel look bad when they need to attack those ambulances:


2. Eyal Hulata, Israel’s national security advisor until January who is now based in the U.S. giving a good interview about Israel’s realistic options:



1. I shared another video for some levity last time, and once again I give you the hilarious and on-point Daniel-Ryan Spaulding:


2a. Back in April I was already excited to see Brett Gelman (from Stranger Things and many other things) propose marriage in Israel:


2b. Now I’m cracking up at the simplicity of this video by him:



Last time I recommended following Amy Schumer for her unrelenting posts about Israel. This time I’ll make an equal recommendation for actress Debra Messing (Grace from Will & Grace) for her efforts which started years before the October 7 attack.


My family visiting Israel in 1983, that’s me with no shirt!

Boaz Hepner works as a Registered Nurse in Saint John’s Health Center, and provides health education to the community at large. He grew up in LA in Pico/Robertson and lives here with his wife Adi, daughter Natalia, and son Liam. He helped clean up the neighborhood by adding the dozens of trash cans that can still be seen from Roxbury to La Cienega. He can be found with his family enjoying his passions: his multitude of friends, movies, poker and traveling.

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