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December 13, 2023

Part 3 in my series of compiling good info about Israel, and I strongly recommend you click on them and SHARE this with others. Doing so both adjusts your algorithms, and gives you info that you likely haven’t already seen online.

As always, I will finish off with some less heavy links at the end, and I am including a personal photo so that this post will more likely be seen. This one is from the 2009 Israel/Gaza rally here in LA that I attended, and the signs people held up are as fitting today as they were 14 years ago. The more things change the more they stay the same…

Without further ado:


1. Noa Tishby has been a force for years trying to battle anti-semitism, and spoke up against Tlaib claiming “From the River to the Sea” is not an anti-semitic chant:


2. A great look back at variations of “From the River to the Sea” over the years, and its consistent meanings of Jewish genocide:


3. A fascinating analysis from an “Urban warfare expert”, John Spencer analyzes the tactics being used by Israel vs Hamas:


4. Richard Landes is a former Boston University professor and historian of Medieval France, and he wrote a book titled, “Can “The Whole World” Be Wrong?: Lethal Journalism, Antisemitism, and Global Jihad (Antisemitism in America)”. This is some perspective on recent events unfortunately proven correct by his research:


5. An interesting analysis of what needs to happen next, from former Prime Minister Ehud Barak:


6. Bari Weiss years ago resigned from the NY Times quite famously due to her disgust at their biased reporting of Israel. This recent piece is an in-depth analysis at college campuses receiving extremely high amounts of money from countries such as Qatar which support Hamas, and the correlation to those campuses stance on Israel:


7. Consider this a darkly funny story. This horrible woman deliberately crashed her car into a school thinking it was Jewish, but it was ironically a Jew-hating hate group that she plowed into, you can’t make these things up:



1. Jake Tapper on CNN did a very thoughtful broadcast including providing some insightful analysis about the risks of a ceasefire:


2. I like to share things from non-Jewish sources, and this is a tweet from Zaher Abu Elnaser who works on Israeli-Arabic television, showing actual footage of Hamas posing as IDF soldiers torturing an Arab-Israeli, and showing that Hamas is an enemy to Jews and Arabs. This footage is disturbing, please be warned:


3. Eylon Levy did a great job answering questions to a pretty hostile interviewer here:


4. This is an INCREDIBLE video of Aya Meydan, telling how she managed to survive the tragic events of October 7 thanks to a group of Arabs who risked their lives to save her and others from the evil hands of Hamas. A must watch:


5. Hillary Clinton has given a few really great interviews lately, explaining why Israel needs to destroy Hamas, and how a ceasefire would play right into their hands. This week on The View was excellent:


6. “Make hummus, not war.” That’s the motto of Berlin’s Israeli-Palestinian restaurant “Kanaan”. It’s incredible to see a place like this in existence, and it warms the heart to watch this piece and pray for a better tomorrow:


7. Musician Ari Lesser made this video a decade ago to counter the anti-semitic BDS movement, and it is as worth watching today as ever, and so catchy:



I always offer a celebrity influencer to “follow” who’s posting tons of great content, first was Amy Schumer, last week was Debra Messing, this time I offer Jessica Seinfeld, who is so much more than just Jerry Seinfeld’s wife:


From the 2009 Israel/Gaza rally here in LA that I attended, and the signs people held up are as fitting today as they were 14 years ago.

Boaz Hepner works as a Registered Nurse in Saint John’s Health Center, and provides health education to the community at large. He grew up in LA in Pico/Robertson and lives here with his wife Adi, daughter Natalia, and son Liam. He helped clean up the neighborhood by adding the dozens of trash cans that can still be seen from Roxbury to La Cienega. He can be found with his family enjoying his passions: his multitude of friends, movies, poker and traveling.

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