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December 13, 2023

Sorry for the delay, I’ve been busy, but here’s Round 4 of my curating links to videos and articles that I think IF you’ll take the time, will prove interesting and things you mostly haven’t already seen.

I would like feedback please – the previous times I tried to split up the videos and articles so it was kind of random, though always finished with something light/amusing. This time I’m going to do it differently, and do sections of articles, videos, and humor. Please let me know which one works better for those of you who find value in what I’m doing here.

As always sharing with a photo, this time it’s me with my mother in 1983 Israel, on what I’m sure was a really fun camel ride.


1. Gil Troy wrote a great cover story for the JJ that went into detail about each of the common expressions being used against Israel:


2. Gary Wexler discusses his unique experience from decades ago, when he watched the Palestinians change the PR narrative. Fascinating:


3. Remember my new friend Ariel Ein-Gal who I wrote about surviving the October 7 massacre, and connected his story to many in LA? He wrote about it, and here’s your chance to read it:


4a. An interesting old thread about the general Arab-Israeli conflict:


4b. A more recent post by him:


5. A piece of Hillary Clinton’s strong piece for The Atlantic. I would share the article itself but I don’t share things that require subscription:


6. Hen Mazzig showing that no matter how often Israel says up, the world will say down:


7. Los Angeles hate crime statistics compiled:


8. Tons of footage from Israel showing their findings at the Hamas headquarters wedged within the hospital:


9. Celebrities met with TikTok to yell at them for allowing the awful propaganda that exists on the app. Thanks, Borat:


10. This thread painstakingly went through dozens of public leaders and organizations, showing if and when they said anything at all about October 7 or the hostages, versus jumping to condemn Israel’s response. Fascinating:


11. This article by Dr. Rabbi Natan Slifkin is fascinating, and finds a way to offend literally everyone, from the right to the left, from Jews to Palestinians. In doing so, I’m extremely impressed by his intellectual honesty and thought process:


12. A heartbreaking and eye-opening letter written by a very disappointed professor in Ottawa:


13. A thread giving the blow by blow of what it was like being one of the people shown Hamas footage recently at the Museum of Tolerance:


14. Asra Nomani responds publicly to Susan Sarandon about what it has meant to her family to be Muslims in America:


15. An incredibly well-researched chain by Yair Rosenberg, writer for The Atlantic, showing a wealth of evidence that different agencies and media HAVE known about the hospital being a headquarters for Hamas – none of this was new info, making their reporting and lack of immediate condemnation all the more unforgivable:


16. Warning, this impassioned blog-post is compelling, but full of bad language:


17. Tabby Refael has been writing nonstop about her experience as an Iranian/Persian Jew in America, and this piece from last week’s JJ was on point:


18. Actual audio showing the IDF trying to guide people safely out of the Hamas-run hospital region in Gaza:


This Twitter thread is basically Snopes for what’s happening in Israel. If you aren’t sure if something is true or real, this BBC journalist figures it out:



1. This captivating (and always fiery) “Son of Hamas” spoke to the UN, and although this speech is long, I couldn’t stop watching:


2. Leo Dee is incredible. His wife and daughters were murdered earlier this year in a highly publicized tragic terrorist attack. And here he is being one of the most optimistic, well-spoken, positive people, truly believing in a better future for Israel and Palestinians:


3. Noa Tishby shares footage proving Hamas using schools and schoolchildren as human shields:


4. Pentagon footage backing Israel’s claims:


5. Douglas K Murray has an incredible interview with Piers Morgan, and look what happens at the 4:15 mark:


6. Here he is funny and on point about the irony of “Gays for Gaza”:


7. British Secretary of State for Defence Grant Shapps explaining why a ceasefire is an awful idea:


8. A very helpful comparison for Americans to imagine if what happened in Israel had been here:


9. This incredible man Oz Davidian saved SO many lives, and there’s footage of this amazing man:


10. “Biggah” as he calls himself, is putting up with SO much hatred on the internet, but he continues to stand up against anti-semitism, and battling the many lies being spread:


11. An incredible interview that I couldn’t stop watching. It’s Prime Minister Golda Meir being challenged about Israel’s tactics in defending itself against violence from their neighbors. SO much of this may as well have been an interview from today. I’m starting it from a question about Israel bombing civilians but feel free to watch from start to finish:



1. Ridiculous, silly sketch of the BBC interviewing a Hamas leader:


2. Daniel-Ryan Spaulding using his special brand of humor to call out the hypocrites:


3. This Twitter page is a really funny account parodying the so-called Gaza Ministry of Health, posing as the Hamas-led organization:



I like to spotlight people with big followings who have bravely taken consistent stands for Israel with countless posts. So far there was Amy Schumer, Debra Messing and Jessica Seinfeld. This time let’s appreciate Jon Lovitz who keeps quipping to make Hummus out of Hamas:


Me with my mother in 1983 Israel.

Boaz Hepner works as a Registered Nurse in Saint John’s Health Center, and provides health education to the community at large. He grew up in LA in Pico/Robertson and lives here with his wife Adi, daughter Natalia, and son Liam. He helped clean up the neighborhood by adding the dozens of trash cans that can still be seen from Roxbury to La Cienega. He can be found with his family enjoying his passions: his multitude of friends, movies, poker and traveling.

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