Sunday, March 7, 2021



Is Biden Faking it on Iran to Attract Europe?

Biden is more interested in appearing to negotiate with Iran than in actually moving forward in any tangible way.

Beyond Hamantaschen: How Purim is Celebrated in Iran

Hamantaschen takes the spotlight in the West, but there’s so much more to Purim food traditions.

The Non-Negotiable Judaism My Parents Gave Me

"The key question remains: what’s your Jewish motherboard, your non-negotiable, your red line, your identity anchor?"

Jews Must Engage Michael Che, Not Attack Him

Instead of attacking, let’s turn it into a teachable moment and engage him in a dialogue.

Texas Disaster: Bad Luck or Climate Change? Maybe Both

When something happens once every hundred years, it’s hard to plan for it, especially if that planning is very costly.

Big Tech Can’t “Augment” Our Reality, But We Can

When there’s too much technology between us and reality, reality itself speeds up and gets distorted.

So You Got Your Vaccine, Now What?

Weeks ago I was honored to interview Dr. David Agus and discuss questions that the community were asking about the vaccines. If you have...

Attention as an Expression of Love

It is precisely because it has become so difficult that we must go out of our way to donate our attention.

Adam Grant and The Case for Nuance in Jewish Education

Beit Hillel understood that “the purpose of learning isn’t to affirm our beliefs; it’s to evolve our beliefs.”

What do Ariana Grande, Kim Kardashian and Lisa Niver have in common?

Thank you Afluencer for including me on your list: "50 Female Influencers Brands Can’t Get Enough Of" I am honored to be #32!!!! Kim Kardashian is #12...

Flirting with the First Amendment

Tech companies’ private actor status is a fiction, no more than a smoking mirror.

Clubhouse, Harry Potter, and the Problem With Magical Thinking

Clubhouse is just the new flashy manifestation of our current reality.

God’s Blessing Comes with Caring for Widows and Orphans

We share an identity of being Jewish and of wanting to help orphans in some way

A Moment in Time: Choosing Life

Dear all, Earlier this week, I was fortunate to be part of a FEMA site for the COVID vaccine. As I prepared to make the...

Financial Planners Develop a Portfolio to Support Israel and Grow Wealth

“We wanted to give people access to Israeli capital markets."

My Expensive Tastes: An Origin Story — A poem for Torah Portion Terumah

And you shall make a menorah of pure gold.     Exodus 25:31 When the first thing we were asked to make required us to use solid...


If you are staying in Damascus and long for somewhere cooler the question that you ought to ask is: “How do I find Malula?” In mountains of the...

Texas Nightmare Reminds Us That Electricity is the Oxygen of Civilization

The horrible images coming out of Texas this week, with millions of people losing electricity amidst freezing temperatures, is an excruciating example of the power of electricity in dictating our lives.

Jewish Voices in Black History

If we do not know history, we are vulnerable to fractionalization and attempts to divide us.

Biden to Bibi: Don’t Call Me, I’ll Call You

The phone call that finally happened on Wednesday between President Biden and Prime Minister Netanyahu had taken on colossal proportions for something whose existence was primarily defined by its absence.

Unscrolled: A Rabbinical Student’s Take on Parashat Terumah

For those who seek a philosophically perfect God, this parashah presents a challenge.

“God of the Piano”: A Modern Israeli Greek Tragedy

Viewing the finely executed Israeli film “God of the Piano” through the lens of a veteran parent disability advocate seems like a non-starter.

OC Jewish Students Will Not Be Intimidated by BDS

The UCI administration’s response to BDS marked another positive development.

Satirical Semite: Midnight Plane to Miami

But as many seek to flee California, I am clamoring to go back

Ripple Effect: Waves

One of my daughters learned how to surf during the Covid 19 quarantine. It created a new amazing routine where we get up early, put...

Too Persian

It’s an insult that’s hurled frequently and irresponsibly.

Jews, Beware of Double Standards for Political Points

By tolerating any anti-Semitism, we create excuses for all anti-Semitism.

Nine Reasons Why Biden May Not Have Called Bibi Until Now

I sleep far less comfortably worrying about the domestic issues dividing Israelis from another and the polarization of the American populace.

Music in Judaism: In Search of the Tenth Song

The new Jewish music I create from my head offers clarity of God’s loving presence.

The Scientific Controversies Around COVID-19

Pandemics are nothing new, and the consequences for learning on the fly are significant.

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