Tuesday, August 4, 2020



What it Takes: A Poem for Torah Portion Devarim

How can I bear your trouble, your burden, and your strife all by myself? It takes a village It takes a shtetl It takes two or more It...

I’m Trying to Smile on Tisha b’Av, the Hardest Day of the Year

Photo-journalist Ruth Gruber made me laugh. Maybe I shouldn’t be laughing on Tisha b’Av, I thought.

A Moment in Time: “If You Could Mail One Letter ….”

Dear all, On July 21, Ron and I celebrated our chai - 18th wedding anniversary! Ron planned an extraordinary outing, including a picnic in the...

From Conversion to Aliyah, Being Part of the Jewish People

I felt that conversion was meant to be. It motivated me... I was determined to be a part of Am Yisrael (the Jewish people).

Letters: Bari Weiss, Greenberg’s Cartoons, Medical Residency

New York Times Bias David Suissa’s column on the unwillingness of The New York Times to publish op-eds that differ from its left-leaning views is...

What the Coronavirus Can’t Take Away From Us

The coronavirus is a swift and powerful thief. Many of these losses are unavoidable and irreplaceable. But is there anything we can reclaim for ourselves?

For 30 Years, I Thought I Was Sephardic. I Was Wrong.

I knew I wasn’t Ashkenazi, so for nearly 30 years, I thought I was Sephardic. I wasn’t alone.

Ripple Effect: Pockets

In my crazy, overly busy life, working full-time, trying to give back to the community while raising my children, I have these small pockets of...

STAY TUNED: On Discipline

Q:The business of acting in television and film is not equal to all who have an interest in it. I’ve noticed in LA there...

Coercive Control: A Legal Definition of ‘Get’ (Jewish Divorce) Abuse

I have witnessed the insidious effects of coercive control in the lives of victims and their children. Get abuse is one form of coercive control.

Jewish Democrats and Republicans Live in Vastly Different Worlds

They don’t just have differing views on economic or foreign policies, they are convinced that their opponents are evil and bound to destroy America.

25 Inspiring Books Worth Adding to Your COVID-19 Summer Reading List

Few hobbies are more pandemic-proof or recession-proof than reading.

Helping During COVID: Driving Across a Socially Distanced America

BY EVAN B. STONE During COVID-19, what can you do to highlight the changes and needs in our country and communities? Brian...

Home Shalom Monday Message #17

“All I can do is tell the story, and that must be sufficient.”

‘Telechaplaincy’ is Effective and Can Lead to Meaningful Spiritual Conversations

We consistently have been surprised at the depth and profundity of many of these calls, and the ability to forge meaningful connections.

Carnegie Corp. Honors UCLA’s Judea Pearl as One of America’s ‘Great Immigrants’

The Carnegie announcement cited Pearl’s “transformative contribution to artificial intelligence, human reasoning and the philosophy of science.”

A Moment in Time: Getting Your Feet Wet

Dear all, We brought the kids to our pool earlier this week on a hot afternoon. As you can see from the photo, Maya was...

War in the Time of COVID-19: Armenia attacks Azerbaijan. Again.

It has been almost 30 years, but the pain and suffering I endured at the hands of my captives and torturers is something I...

Congressman John Lewis: ‘Getting Into Good Trouble’ to Make a Better America

No other person has been honored more often by the Simon Wiesenthal Center than John Lewis.

Singer Songwriter ZZ Ward on Discovering Her Jewish Roots and Working with Best Friends Animal Society

Ward is participating in "Songs to Save Them All: A Benefit For Homeless Pets,” a three-hour benefit concert for Best Friends Animal Society on July 22.

Now More Than Ever Shabbat Offers Connection During Isolation

For me, Shabbat is a welcome break in the week, a reason to cook a special meal and step away from the stress of the outside world.

The Lobster Effect: Don’t Pull Down Each ‘Other’

If there's one thing that can be agreed upon by both sides, it's that Jews are most certainly, at all times, an "Other."

Thank you! I am a Five Time Finalist for Southern California Journalism Awards!

Thank you! I am honored to be a finalist for FIVE Southern California Journalism Awards, including and especially for Online Journalist of...

Bus Bench Lessons – a poem for Torah Portion Matot-Masei

And all the young girls who have no experience of intimate relations with a man, you may keep alive for yourselves. This was Moses speaking Not the...

Letters: Voting, Black Lives Matter and COVID-19

Black Lives Matter’s Threat to the U.S. Black Lives Matter (BLM), while truly concerned for minority justice, seems equally intent on humiliating white people and abolishing...

Demanding a Better Education for Our Children Shouldn’t Be This Difficult, But it Is

Education sits at the center of our culture wars, and young minority students are the biggest casualties.

Ripple Effect: Intentions

On my late-night Facebook scrolling, I came across cufflink bracelets. They were silver with inspirational sentences on the inside. It seemed to me that this would...

Los Angeles Needs Safe Spaces for Jewish Foster Children 

So many Jewish parents who face crises worry about losing their kids to the government foster care system, so they stay silent. We really wanted to help.

Combatting Anti-Semitism Requires Help From Everyone

The polarization of American politics has become so intense that domestic partisan divisions now can undermine our community’s fight against anti-Semitism.

‘Hamilton’ Reminds Us to Forgive Before We Condemn

"Hamilton" got me thinking about the concept of forgiveness and the equally powerful concept of rehabilitation.

New Articles

Niall Horan, the 1975 and More British Pop Stars Condemn Anti-Semitism After Rapper Wiley’s Tweets

"All forms of racism have the same roots — ignorance, lack of education and scapegoating.”

Special Envoy Elan Carr Discusses How to Fight Rising Anti-Semitism in AJC Webinar

He said the best way to fight it is to teach others about the Jewish community's positive contributions to humanity.

Jewish Agency Chair Says Seth Rogen Apologized for Israel Comments, Rogen Denies Apologizing

Rogen also claims that he never gave Herzog permission to publicize the conversation.

Israeli Army Says It Thwarted Attack on Syrian Border by Infiltrators Who Planted Explosives

A spokesperson for the army said the Syrian regime was responsible.

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