Writer, director & producer Brian Volk-Weiss on the new series “The Center Seat: 55 Years Of Star Trek,” “The Movies That Made Us” &...

Back in July 2021, I first had the pleasure of interviewing writer, director, producer and studio head Brian Volk-Weiss for a second time. He...

Thank you IPW 2021 Resorts World Las Vegas

Thank you USA Travel IPW 2021! It was great to be back in person and talk TRAVEL! https://youtu.be/jrZnJM_Q7Uk What is IPW? U.S. Travel Association’s IPW will continue...

Esther, Sarah, and the Language of the People

Over the course of several days, tens of thousands of people around the world learned Rabbi Sacks-inspired Torah together in what must surely have been one of the most unique events in Torah-study history.

Unscrolled Toldot: Living Water

Toldot follows Isaac as he sojourns in the desert city of Be'er Sheva, digging up wells that his father had once dug and rededicating them.

Aspire Higher Especially during the COVID coaster

By Ken Lindner, author of Aspire Higher The choices that you make can profoundly change your life! The state of your life, your feelings of...

Good at Getting Older

Sarah’s lifetime — the years of Sarah’s life — came to 100 years and twenty years and seven years. 

A Moment in Time: Time to Call it Quits?

Dear all, Last Sunday I set out to ride 36 miles in the Tour de Summer Camps. I so appreciated all those who supported this cause....

How Open Temple Remained Open

As the founder and leader of Open Temple, I made a decision from which, since the start of the pandemic, we have not backed down: we will remain Open. 

A Problem Too Painful to Look At?

When I researched this week’s cover story on the future of American synagogues in the wake of the pandemic, I noted a strange ambivalence.

Will 2021 Redistricting Bring an End to LA’s 70-Year-Old Jewish Council District?

The connection between cherishing our voting rights and the long, drawn out process of reviewing the census data every 10 years to draw voting districts often goes unnoticed by the larger population.

Democrats are Hurting Without Donald Trump

Terry McAuliffe tried to ride Trump-hatred to victory in yesterday’s election. The problem is that Trump is no longer in the White House.

Brother From Another Mother

I met David Eichel in fifth grade. He was one of my oldest and dearest friends. David died this year.

Let’s Pool it Together

As climate change and land development projects persist around the world, vernal pools are becoming increasingly difficult to protect around the world. How are they faring in Israel, and what can be done to preserve those that remain?

What’s Happening at AFM

Yesterday I attended the first day of the American Film Market event, which is being held online this year from November 1 to November...

My Visit to a School in Harlem that Teaches Hebrew and Israeli Culture

Harlem is a place known for its rich history—from Black music, literature, and culture, to Jewish artistry and community.

How Ilhan Omar Can Help the Jews

Omar has actually positioned herself to do something positive for the American Jewish community. And we should take advantage of it.

Our Birthday Parties in Tehran Didn’t Include Goodie Bags

One afternoon, my mother and father sat at the kitchen table in our house in the peace capital of the world, Tehran, to discuss my upcoming sixth birthday.

The Elijah Problem

The modern age is a secular one and organized religion may be facing its greatest crisis in history.

Governments Must Stop Supporting Terror if They Care About Human Rights

Last week the Israeli Ministry of Defense designated six Palestinian NGOs as terrorist organizations.

You Are What You Seat: The Quiet Battle for California’s New District Maps

For the first time in history, the state is set to lose a congressional seat. California will go from 53 seats in the U.S. House to 52 this year. The question is: which one?

Serious Semite: The Grinch That Stole Halloween

Maybe there should be a Grinch to steal Halloween. I still don’t understand its appeal.

WINNER and WIRED: Niver’s News: Oct 2021

Oct News 2021 with Lisa Niver & We Said Go Travel: October was definitely ROCK-TOBER for me! I won third place at the Southern California Journalism...

How to Choose a Spouse

The method by which one chooses a spouse is less significant than we might imagine; there are models of both romantic and arranged marriages in the Torah.

Torah Portion Chayyei Sarah – Life Torn and Sewn Back Together

(Introduction 2021: Our Torah portion, Chayei Sarah, is a good example of how the Bible changes its rhythm for literary purpose. The Bible is...

A Vaccine Educator’s Personal Update

I want to ensure that anyone out there who has a school, hospital or company which could find it useful to give its employees, families, friends a chance to ask questions, I am happy to be that person for you.

Unscrolled Chayei Sarah: A Reduction in Scale

In Chayei Sarah, the scale is reduced. This is a story about a family as it is touched by the loss of its matriarch and then expanded by the addition of a new member.

Bobby Slayton On His New Book “A Small Book Of Jewish Comedians,” Career Highlights, Las Vegas & More

Bobby Slayton – nicknamed both “Yid Vicious” and “The Pit Bull Of Comedy” to those who know him well -- has been performing his...

Resistance and Rescue in the Soviet Union

Cohen was a happy Jewish mother and wife who was involved in her synagogue, sent her kids to Jewish camps, car-pooled, and enjoyed family barbecues and weekends in Wisconsin. But her life changed forever when she learned about the Soviet Jewish struggle.

A Moment in Time: Unable to Connect

Dear all, I know I am not the only one who has faced this hurdle when trying to log on. It’s especially frustrating when we...

Jay Sanderson’s Night of Gratitude

Facing 500 community members who had come to honor him as he ends his 12-year tenure as head of the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles, Jay Sanderson found himself in an unusual position: speechless.

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