December 10, 2018


Last week, I was stunned with an announcement from Ben & Jerry’s about a new flavor “celebrating activists who are continuing to resist
Simply Delish is a one-of-a-kind product made with carefully selected ingredients that are sourced from all over the world.
If we let the Tree of Life synagogue massacre divide us, those murdered in Pittsburgh will have died in vain.
“Israeli Soldiers Tour,” puts a human face to the IDF uniform, combating demonization of Israel and Israelis.
Anti-Semitism has been growing in the United States for years, and we have seen numerous signs of it, including the physical abuse and
After telling people that I self published Meal and a Spiel: How to Be Badass in the Kitchen, I typically, get one of two reactions.
If you want to help but are not sure how here are a few ways to get involved following the synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh.
The first female to have her own one-hour comedy special on television, Elayne Boosler has always been an innovator.
Thank you for all the support for me, We Said Go Travel and Happy Birthday celebrations! I am so excited to see what happens next!
There is a lot to know about autism in our society today; I would know, I had to learn after I was diagnosed with autism at 17 years old.
Ashley Powell is on the ground, going door-to-door, campaigning to be Santa Monica’s first Jewish millennial city council member.
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