September 20, 2019

Who’s Responsible? Men or Women

A friend of mine sent me this anonymous post on craigslist which accuses women of missing out on great guys because they don’t give the “nice guys” a chance. The poster calls himself “a recovering nice guy”, and he seemingly needs to vent. The post begs the question: should women learn to become more attracted to the less sexually appealing “nice guys” who offer them full friendship and devotion but who don’t push their buttons sexually? Or is that like teaching a woman to undo psychological conditioning? Is it better, then, that the “nice guy” learns to become a MANsch, treating women with respect and integrity while also knowing how to turn them on?

I think it’s a mixture of both. Women should understand better and modify their patterns of attraction to the non-mensches without compromising on sexual attraction, and these proverbial “nice guys” (mensches) could improve their appearance, lifestyles, and communication with women to make themselves alluring romantic options.