September 22, 2019

Letters to the editor: Har Nof attack, Jewish journalism, Obama and more

Revenge Recourse

No debate: The heinous slaughter in a Jerusalem synagogue was an example of unmitigated evil (“Celebrating the Murder of Jews,” Nov. 21). The subsequent celebrations by some people in Gaza and the West Bank were offensive, sad, disturbing and indicative of desperate people who choose hate over reason. Every time our people are victimized by terrorism, I worry that too many Jewish people, out of anger and desperation, will resort to the kind of dehumanizing hate that simplifies complicated chapters of human history into black or white, we’re right and they’re all wrong, our tribe is better and they’re all murderers, etc. It’s certainly easier, and for many no doubt desirable, to suggest that there really are no reasonable moderates on the “other side.” Such simplifications make it easier to avoid the kind of introspection and courage that true peacemakers must have to succeed.

We have a right to be angry, but we hate and dehumanize “them” at our own peril. As the Gaza war proved, Hamas and their kind want nothing more than for Jews to hate their people so much, they can point to our hate and anger and accuse us — even falsely, of genocide.

Mitchell Gilbert via

Good Will Hunted

Shocking, the Palestinians hate the Jews (“Horrorism,” Nov. 21). So many times I have read Rob Eshman’s columns in disbelief about his sanguine ideas about two-state solutions and the good will of moderate Palestinians.

I believe that in 1940, Eshman would have been on the train to Auschwitz, jabbering that he met some Nazis in the café, and that they really liked Jews and wanted peace. 

It is an ugly image, I know, but perhaps true. I hope he now has more compassion for Benjamin Netanyahu and what he encounters every day in trying to keep his people safe and alive.  

Irene Dunn via email

There Are More Precious Things to Waste Than Time

I’d like to answer Marty Kaplan’s question in his recent column “The I-Word Isn’t Impeachment — It’s Idiocracy” (Nov. 21). The answer to his question is: No, we haven’t waited at all. 

Our president, Barack Obama, has spent the last six years taking the predictable actions, as expected. Since his election in 2008, our president’s politics, policies and methods have been made and were grounded firmly as indicated and predisposed by his political history, Senate track record and leadership experience prior to the 2008 elections.

We can only hope that it was only time “proven to be … squandered.”

I always enjoyed Kaplan’s satire and creativity, and look forward to his column.

Zane Widdes via email

Investing in the Future

I love this article, for I myself would like to donate in the future because I am still a student, and my area of donation shall be in hunger projects (“Giving and Getting Money,” Nov. 21). 

Talibu Taban via

Praying for Peace, and Peace When We Pray

Praying for all touched by this tragedy (“Kalman Levine: Born in Kansas City, Transformed in L.A., Murdered in Jerusalem,” Nov. 21). Shalom to the people of Israel. Shalom to the families who had loved ones murdered. Judgment to all who did this and supported it.

Fritz Young via

Once We Were Slaves, Now We Have Freedom of the Press

I agree with David Suissa 1,000,000,000% (“Why Judaism Needs Journalism,” Nov. 21).

My re-education, connection and participation in the Jewish community stem from Jewish journalism. It is still my primary source for forming my Jewish identity.

Phillip Cohen via

As a proud and practicing Jewish journalist, I couldn’t agree more!

Sharon Rosen Leib via

Aiding and Abbeting

Mahmoud Abbas only speaks of peace when he is talking to the international audience or media (Is Mahmoud Abbas to Blame for Jerusalem Synagogue Attack?” Nov. 21). He wants to deceive the international community so as to be seen as a peacemaker. But when speaking to his Arab brothers and sisters, he incites hatred and violence. It is not only when Israel defends herself against Hamas terrorists that the international community will be willing to wage its big stick of calling Israeli actions war crimes. Incitement against Israeli citizens by Arab leaders should also be seen as a war crime. The international community plays double standard when dealing with the State of Israel. Iranian leaders on a daily bases are calling for the death of Israel and America, isn’t that a war crime?