March 28, 2020

At Least His Arm Is Jewish

I was watching wrestling a little while back and noticed that Tyler Reks had a tattoo on his arm. Reks came into the WWE as a surfer with dreds. He is far from a surfer dude these days. Reks was re-packaged with a new mean streak, for you 80s wrestling fans think Hercules with a tan and a fierce mean streak. Reks has since been in one pay-per-view main event and has become a monster in the ring. Currently fueding with Chris Masters, it is only a matter of time before Reks takes on some top competition.

Back to his tattoo. I noticed it was Hebrew writing. So I reached out to him to find out the deal. Turns out he is NOT a member of the tribe, but I figured after the passing of wrestling legend Macho Man Randy Savage (Jewish), I would have Reks who sports his Hebrew tattoo weekly on TV, comment on some of the greatest Jewish wrestlers in the world and his own career. Enjoy!

1) I noticed on TV once that you had a tattoo with Hebrew writing. What does it say and what inspired you to get it?

Its biblical, and is from Song of Solomon 6:3. It translates to, “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine”. The verse is one of mine and my wife’s favorite’s and I thought it would be more meaningful if I used the original language that it was written in. Its more personal to me this way.


2) Have you ever wrestled Colt Cabana/Scotty Goldman? If so, where and who won?

Yes I have, a few years ago when we were both in WWE’s developmental system. To be honest, I can’t remember who won. I just remember him being far more experienced than I was and being really good at his craft.

3) What are you thoughts on the legacy of the Macho Man Randy Savage? Did you ever meet or have any memories of him?

I never got the opportunity to meet him. However, I was a part of the generation that watched him as kids growing up. He was always one of my favorites. Randy was larger than life and to an 8 year old kid, that memory tends to stick with you.


4) Which Jewish wrestler had more impact on the wrestling Goldberg, Kevin Nash, Kurt Angle?

I’d have to say Angle. To this day I still study his matches. He could go like no one else. The guy never got winded in the ring and he put out more physical effort than anyone I’ve ever seen. I’ve really tried to model my aggression after him.


5) Your imaged has changed drastically since first appearing, why the change?

I think evolving is important in Sports Entertainment. I’m definitely not the same person I was when I debuted and I feel my character accurately reflects that. The character I was when I debuted simply wasn’t working and I needed to grow and hone in my skills. In the ring now, you see a monster, you see determination, and you see a little anger – this is who I am now. I’m focused, aggressive, and determined to stand out and make a name for myself.


6) What are you plans in the WWE? Anything in store for the fans?

My plans are to make a name for myself this year, above and beyond last year, and to continue growing my fan base.


7) Where can the TGR fans read more about you?
Twitter: @Tyler_Reks
YouTube: therekkingcrew