March 28, 2020

Blue tape, RED tape and Big Sunday wrap-up at the YMCA as The Handy Hazzan installs the final vinyl

There’s a particular kind of tape we use to mask or protect certain areas that border those parts of a wall or ceiling that we intend to paint.  This is usually BLUE tape.  We use it because it comes up easily when no longer needed, not taking with it any existing paint from the areas it is covering.  I like blue tape.  However, the Handy Hazzan is not a big fan of RED tape.  RED tape often shows up when “X” number of people have to approve a certain proposal, payment, idea for any kind of changes, etc.  RED tape is a lot harder to pull off than blue tape.  It takes time, patience, personality, politics and more. However, without RED tape, organizations might not be able to function as well…. and some could function better with less RED tape.  That requires good efficiency,  a product of top management skills.  My bout with a certain company in Los Angeles that provides water and power to our homes ended today after six months of GLARING RED tape.  I have been all but mummified in their RED tape, all because I erroneously made an overpayment back in October of last year and wanted my credit returned to me by check as the account was closed. But that organization is “six months behind” (said the supervisor) in processing anything that they have to PAY OUT.  They still want US to PAY on time, however.  Have you ever tried to wait six months to pay your utility bill?  Well, today was a victory.  I am happy for that.  So, RED tape finally became my friend, today….as timing intersected with an understanding supervisor…. and I could have avoided it in the first place if I had been more attentive with my finances. 

RED tape can work in quicker and friendlier ways, as I gladly waited an extra week while the execs at the Mid Valley YMCA needed a bit of RED tape in order to decide what color vinyl, cove base molding they wanted to use in completing the work around the new carpet DW Interiors installed for our Big Sunday project.  They also needed to take a look at their budget, just in case mine wouldn’t cover it.  Duh duh duh dut du dah!!! In walks our final heroic donor in the personage of Fred Stifter, son of Bill Stifter who established Linoleum City in 1948. Still owned by Bill’s wife, the store has grown to a 15,000 square foot warehouse/showroom. This is the number one place in Hollywood for all your flooring needs. The company searches the world for new and interesting designs and products, staying ahead of trends in order to meet the needs of professional and residential buyers, even creating exclusive designs for its customers. Materials are available for the do-it-yourself customers – THAT’S YOU – or arrangements can be made for independent contractor installation. Red carpet for the Academy Awards, old fashioned linoleum for a retro look, home or commercial high tech resilient flooring, hardwood, laminates, sisal or sea grass—Linoleum City, Inc. has what you need.  .  Linoleum City is located at 4849 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90029; telephone (323) 469-0063. 
While Fred was willing to give me a wholesale price on some black cove base, he had an abundance of a special order that he was willing to donate to the project.  The folks at the YMCA approved the seagreen freebie – a beautiful color, actually – and I personally installed it last Thursday.  Sopha Pok of the YMCA assisted.