February 23, 2020

There’s a blog for that

I thought of calling this blog ‘iRabbi: there’s NO App for that” but decided to go with the more positive tag line.  The idea, other than a play on a certain computer company that shall remain nameless, is that being a rabbi is not something any one app could do.  Maybe its not something any one person can do well.  The role of a rabbi is so varied and eclectic that it demands the richness of human capacity and creativity, and even then we so often fail and fall short.  In these posting together we will explore what a modern rabbi is called upon to do on a daily basis, the issues and challenges facing our community and the stories that connect each of us to each other and to our shared human experience.  I think you will discover that being a rabbi is at once both the greatest job in the world (well being a professional baseball player would be pretty cool) and also one of the most isolating and thankless. 

What is so great about being a rabbi?
What could be isolating about leading a community of hundreds (thousands of people)?
What does a Rabbi do?

Those questions and many more are what this blog is about, it is about breadth and depth of the role of the modern rabbi and by extension the modern Jew.  The varied experiences and interactions I have in serving my own congregation and working in partnership with colleagues and leaders in the larger Jewish community.  It is my hope that through these postings a dialogue will develop not only between me (the author) and you (the reader), but also across readers and sources; a conversation about the nature of the modern Jewish experience.  What are we doing now as Jews and where are we headed in the near future as institutions and individuals.

iRabbi and this is what I do.