March 30, 2020

Iranian TV commercial ties McCain to “Jewish conspiracy”

A new television commercial suggesting U.S. presidential candidate John McCain is involved in a Jewish conspiracy against Iran, recently aired in Iran courtesy of the Iranian Intelligence Ministry. Translations of this commercial were made by the Washington-based, Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) that typically does an excellent job at exposing the anti-Semitic and anti-American rhetoric spewed by Iran’s radical Islamic government. MEMRI’s latest translations of the “McCain Jewish conspiracy” commercial gives great new insights into the mentality of the Iranian government when it comes to McCain and the 2008 U.S. presidential race. The a seven-minute computer-animated commercial can be viewed with subtitles here.

This Iranian government propaganda commercial identifies McCain as a “White House official who is conspiring to overthrow the regime in Iran with the help of the Jewish tycoon and mastermind of ultra-modern colonialism” George Soros. Animated figures of Soros and McCain are shown in the commercial chatting around a table with other American “colonialists” to discuss how they’re supposedly going to topple the government in Iran. This commercial reveals that the Iranian regime is fearful of McCain and the possibility that he might stand up to them if he is elected president. So the regime’s goons have already begun attacking McCain’s character and what better way to vilify any person in the Middle East than to use the classic anti-Semitic charge that they are involved in a “Jewish conspiracy!” The Iranian government’s motto like most Islamic and Arab governments is simple…whenever you’re in trouble or want to divert attention away from your own shortcomings, “just blame the Jews!” It is simply ludicrous to suggest that Soros and McCain would be involved in anything since both men have no friendship, no association with one another and nothing in common. Soros is an extreme left-wing political activist while McCain is a Republican conservative. What a bunch of B.S. put out by the Iranian government!

Moreover, this Iranian TV commercial is not only anti-Semitic, but also reveals that the Iranian government is seriously concerned with domestic groups within Iran that may be emboldened to topple the regime if a hawkish U.S. president like McCain is elected. The propaganda commercial asks average Iranian people to “snitch” on their friends and relatives who they think may be involved in subversive activities. The commercial claims that those turned over to the government will be given a light punishment…again more lies, considering the fact that Iran’s current laws require death by hanging for anyone involved in spying or trying to help topple the regime. Perhaps the next U.S. administration should support these opposition groups in Iran and their efforts to topple the regime if the Iranian government is so fearful of such a coup. Regime change done by the Iranian people from within just maybe what the doctor ordered in removing these radical Islamic elements from power in Iran.

We in the U.S. need to take notice of these messages coming from Iran when we vote in November. The regime in Tehran unfortunately only understands a show of strength and nothing else. The mullahs in Iran know very well which presidential candidate will stand up to them if elected and which candidate will be a softy who literally let’s them get away with murder.

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