A Question for Your Holiday Meal: Favorite Food Memory?

September 29, 2019
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After we dip our apples in honey for a sweet new year, millions of Rosh Hashanah meal conversations will unfold across the Jewish world.

We’ll talk about family, Trump impeachment, Israeli elections, a great sermon, a new movie, book, article or show, an upcoming protest, a Torah insight, anti-Semitism, BDS, the homeless problem, immigration, climate change, getting into college, new year resolutions, things we’re grateful for, and on and on.

While we engage with these and other topics, the foods we eat will likely be no more than an afterthought, save for the occasional compliment (“This babaganoush is amazing! Is it Sephardic?”)

Why is that so? Why is food so low on the conversational food chain– is it that dull a subject? But more importantly, does it merit a higher status?

I think it does. If you want to know why, I invite you to tune in to my podcast with celebrated food author Paula Shoyer.

In our conversation, Shoyer takes food to a whole other level—as a source of great stories, a connection to our ancestors, a timeless link to our tradition.

She also speaks about the power of memory, and how food can nourish the memories which nourish our lives. She even offers a question we might ask at our Holiday tables: What is your favorite food memory?

Hmm… beautiful stories of food memories. Doesn’t that sound more appetizing than politics?

Enjoy the podcast and Shana tova!


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More news and opinions than at a Shabbat dinner, right in your inbox.

More news and opinions than at a Shabbat dinner, right in your inbox.