A Bisl Torah

A Bisl Torah – Look Up, Look Forward

I recently shared the following midrash with our religious school community: When Hebrew slaves, Reuven and Shimon crossed the Sea of Reeds, they experienced a...

A Bisl Torah – The Vision of One

The name Recha Freier may not sound familiar. But it should. Recha Freier was the visionary that began the Youth Aliyah movement to Israel. In...

A Bisl Torah – Elevate

It has become “tradition” to light yellow candles on Yom Hashoah, honoring the memories of those that perished in the Holocaust. What is the...

A Bisl Torah – Crumbs

I thought cleaning for Pesach was a nightmare. Nope. Cleaning for Pesach was somewhat therapeutic. A blend of kashering dishes, clearing out the pantry...

A Bisl Torah – What’s Missing?

One of the main themes of Passover is humility. We eat matza that is flattened as a reminder to calm down our often puffed...

A Bisl Torah – Dayeinu

As I visit preschool classrooms and watch model seders, the prayer, “Dayeinu” is belted out, chanted with fervor and enthusiasm. Over any other Pesach...

A Bisl Torah – A Stroll through the Park

This past Wednesday was National Take a Walk in the Park Day. I laughed when I saw the name of the holiday. Why do...

A Bisl Torah – More Than Enough

Rabbi Jeffrey K. Salkin, the rabbi at Temple Israel in West Palm Beach, Florida, recently shared an article about the future of religious leadership. In...

A Bisl Torah – Flip the Script

We recently hosted 50 young adults in our backyard, making hamantaschen. I started the evening giving one of the reasons why we eat this...

A Bisl Torah – Growing Older, Growing Up: A Poem in Honor of the Children of Ukraine

On one side of the world, a child wakes up, makes his breakfast, proudly dressing in his favorite red shirt, mismatched socks and a baseball hat. Growing...

A Bisl Torah – Yellow Roses

My Nana insisted on the presence of yellow roses at her funeral.

A Bisl Torah – Teaching Spontaneity

Routine may give us solace in knowing what comes next. But life occurs in between.

A Bisl Torah – The Courage to Build

Brokenness is what we may feel.  But builders and beacons of light—that is who we are.

A Bisl Torah – Deep Breath In

Our relationships thrive when we intentionally take a small step back, not withdrawing or retreating, but rather, wondering.

A Bisl Torah – Open This

How do we create spiritual environments in which children that grow into teens that mature into adults, look at the siddur and feel a sense of ownership?

A Bisl Torah – A Godly Check-in

How many of us take the time to evaluate our relationship with God?

A Bisl Torah – Come Home

On Saturday night, I told my daughter, “It is ok to be afraid.” I couldn’t entirely shield her from the hostage situation at a Texas synagogue.

A Bisl Torah – A Lingering Darkness

The scene outside of the windows was shockingly frightening. Pitch-black, a thick darkness in which we couldn’t see the hint of sunrise.

A Bisl Torah – The Magic of a New Year

One of my favorite traditions during the secular new year is a semi-annual deep organizing of my home.

Secrets of the New Year

As the years go by, I realize that while there is nothing wrong with a good party, I am more focused on time well spent.

A Bisl Torah: What is Your Final Destination?

With the end of the secular new year comes the self-imposition of life decisions.

You Shall Be a Blessing

What needs to be said to a loved one or friend that has since, gone unsaid?

A Bisl Torah — This is Good for Us

Ritual isn’t reserved only for the young or for the old. Let’s make memories, together, with any chance we get.

A Bisl Torah — Candle by Candle

There is an ancient debate as to how one should light the Hanukkiah.

A Bisl Torah — Be the Hope

Although most of us are still enjoying Thanksgiving leftovers, Hannukah is just days away.

You Are the Light We Need

It once again feels odd that Hanukkah will take place during the Thanksgiving holiday.

The Brightness of the Dawn

We forget that bright paths are often first submerged in darkness.

A Bisl Torah: Hanging On and Letting Go

Sometimes, letting go is the way to see another door, a hidden exit.

A Bisl Torah: Starting with Why

While the Torah often asks us to do a mitzvah without an explicitly attached meaning, the study of Torah itself seems to encourage the “why”.

A Bisl Torah: Start Tuning Out

Authentic listening may start with deciphering between noise and sound. Noise is that which distracts us from living with purpose and intention.

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