December 11, 2018


I felt proud of Jack Nagel's indescribable generosity. After reading the third ad, I began to feel ashamed that I don’t prioritize giving.
Every day when I pick up my 9-year-old son from school, I face the reality that the #MeToo movement is operating in overcorrection mode.
Cereal makers boast about using deforestation-free palm oil and using recycled cardboard to manufacture their boxes. Should I sleep better
This week, the government of Saudi Arabia came under heavy, justified fire for its apparent murder of a Saudi citizen living in the U.S.
Half of the Persians in the room wanted something like Halloween... they believed they could compartmentalize their identities
Is there anything more Jewish than a debate about debates? I guess there could be a debate about the debate about debates.
Last week, sitting under the majestic neo-Renaissance ceiling of Cipriani’s downtown Manhattan restaurant, I listened
Wilshire Boulevard Temple will host a special screening of the Los Angeles premiere of “The City Without Jews,”
In just a few weeks, the Golden State has the opportunity to follow the Golden Rule with the passage of Proposition 10 on the Nov. 6 ballot.
I am not proud of this, but last week I lost my temper at a stranger.I very rarely lose my temper at anyone.
On the afternoon of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s Senate confirmation, Reese, our new Yemenite neighbor, was visiting our apartment
For more than a decade, the question has been raised in blaring headline after blaring headline: Are College Degrees Becoming Obsolete?
Acquiring a car is a rite of passage — like a wedding or bar mitzvah — a cause for celebration, to be proclaimed with food and music.
Indeed, the Days of Awe are exactly that — awesome. We emerge with a sense of wonderment about our bodies, our place in the universe and
There’s a trendy view these days that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has committed the grave sin of turning support of...
Whether Judge Kavanaugh is confirmed or not, women have lost. The real victims of sexual assault have lost.
“Wait a second,” I say to Emma... This is yoga?” “Yep,” says my yogafabulous daughter, my teacher, beaming with pride.
At the beginning of summer, life changed in the Upper East Side apartment I share with my 9-year-old son, Alexander.
Another academic year is upon us, and if you’re feeling dejected about the treatment of Israel on American campuses, here’s a list
Ten days before my mother [Marilyn Hall] died last year, my sister, brother and I were gathered at her bedside singing the Beatles catalog.
At this moment, I can see the sky through the holes in my roof. hat’s not because I’m celebrating the holiday of Sukkot early.
It goes without saying that in every profession there is a hierarchy — a system where those in authority wield varying degrees of power
I lead a schizophrenic professional life. When I work on the weekly paper, I’m a different person than when I work on our website.
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