December 11, 2018


I've never liked the word "sin." I prefer the Hebrew translation “khet,” which more or less means a mistake.
We believe that God puts a piece of Himself inside you. That’s your soul.  
A few days ago, I met a local Jewish columnist (name omitted to protect the innocent) at a bat mitzvah party.
Too many of us these days are plagued with doubts about our self-worth. A rabbi I know who has counseled people for more than 35 years
When does a year begin? Dumb question? Not for Jews.
As our High Holy Days preparation continues and Rosh Hashanah draws near, our prayers become more urgent, because ready or not,
“Perched up on a hill in the Old City of Jerusalem, along the fragile border between the Jewish and Muslim Quarters, is our home,”
A “pledge” against Israel’s new nation-state law was recently published by eight organizations
May we form a unified community, doing God’s will with a perfect heart.
A man with a dark complexion, sporting what is known locally as a “Herzl” beard — named in honor of the Zionist
Here are the final thoughts from the late Sen. John McCain
When I thInk of religion, I think of a painting my brother drew when he was 8 years old. It’s a picture of my childhood church,
I am delighted to announce the forthcoming arrival of my first daughter: Siri Alexa Freed.
The cosmic principle of the High Holy Days season is teshuvah, which, is often translated as “repentance” and sounds severe and judgmental.
“To write poetry after Auschwitz is barbaric,” stated German philosopher Theodor Adorno. Jews did, of course, create all types of art...
We live in an era of “social justice.” By “social justice,” people typically mean a panoply of left-leaning policy priorities.
I have said some things on podcasts and on Twitter that have raised questions. I am hoping to answer those questions so people...
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