November 18, 2018


I am delighted to announce the forthcoming arrival of my first daughter: Siri Alexa Freed.
The cosmic principle of the High Holy Days season is teshuvah, which, is often translated as “repentance” and sounds severe and judgmental.
“To write poetry after Auschwitz is barbaric,” stated German philosopher Theodor Adorno. Jews did, of course, create all types of art...
We live in an era of “social justice.” By “social justice,” people typically mean a panoply of left-leaning policy priorities.
I have said some things on podcasts and on Twitter that have raised questions. I am hoping to answer those questions so people...
Israel’s new nation-state law has elicited a storm of criticism since it passed on July 19. Some of this criticism is justified;
Women of a certain age. We know what the term implies, but it doesn’t really begin to convey what it has meant about how we have...
The Forward recently ran an open letter by Rabbi Philip Graubart headlined “ ‘Letters to My Palestinian Neighbor’ Is Not the Book...
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