January 21, 2019


I will be attending the Women’s March, Los Angeles on Jan. 19 and here’s why, many Jewish women struggle with the decision to attend
On Jan. 14 ABC’s “The View,” co-host Meghan McCain said that politically conservative women like herself are excluded from the Women's march
Most American Jews despise President Donald Trump. All Jews hate anti-Semitism. The barely visible silver lining of Rashida Tlaib
Noah Shufutinsky has thought about the Diaspora for years. At 19, being black and Jewish, he’s been a victim of both forms of racism. 
Mitt Romney and Elizabeth Warren have little in common. But the conservative Republican and progressive Democrat, the once and future
Punitive measures directed at Israel don’t advance the peace process with the Palestinians. Yet the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS)
If this author didn’t do Shabbat, she’d be working on Friday nights and Saturday. Shabbat saved her from her workaholic insanity.
Let's be very clear: If you decide to participate in the national Women’s March, you are enabling and abetting hatred of the Jewish people.
I will go to the Women’s March as the Jewish woman I am with my kippah on my head. Possibly I’ll get ignored or disrespected or tossed out.
I lead a double life. Professionally, I’m publisher and editor-in-chief of a Jewish paper, but in my personal life,
If God continues to bless you with more delicious, sacred, holy life, will you fight for your life, the lives of your family, and community?
Ballooning to 400 pounds, drinking 18 beers a day and addicted to cocaine, Fury had his championship belts stripped away. Then he found God. 
Political parties are brands as much as Coca-Cola is. Like them, parties can squeeze only a minimal amount of growth from existing fans.  
Is there a potential for a centrist third party that could occupy the ground that has been abandoned by Democrats and Republicans?
My 9-year-old son, Alexander, taught her how to use the shamash. “Everything has an order,” he told her rabbinically.
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