Dan Schnur

Dan Schnur

Dan Schnur is the U.S. Politics Editor for the Jewish Journal. He teaches courses in politics, communications, and leadership at UC Berkeley, USC and Pepperdine. He hosts the monthly webinar “The Dan Schnur Political Report" for the Los Angeles World Affairs Council & Town Hall. Follow Dan's work at www.danschnurpolitics.com

Bibi’s Legacy

Even before Oct. 7, Benjamin Netanyahu’s legacy as Israel’s longest-serving leader was highly complicated.

Who Is Dianne Feinstein’s Successor?

Laphonza Butler was sworn into the United States Senate to succeed Dianne Feinstein on Oct. 1, only days before the Simchat Torah massacre in Israel.

Biden’s Mideast Gamble

It is entirely possible that the Gaza War could play a disproportionate role in determining the next president of the United States.

Bibi on a Razor’s Edge

I hope that Netanyahu’s laudable objectives can be accomplished before the price of Israeli blood, treasure and international isolation become too great to bear.

A Different Standard for Jews

Antisemitic double standards are pervasive, much more than we would have wanted to believe back on Oct. 6. The fight to confront and eliminate these practices will be long and difficult — but doable.

The Limits of Hope

While hope and optimism are essential components of a successful strategy, they do not comprise a sufficiently sturdy platform for any high-risk endeavor.


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