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Dan Schnur

Dan Schnur is the U.S. Politics Editor for the Jewish Journal. He teaches courses in politics, communications, and leadership at UC Berkeley, USC and Pepperdine. He hosts the monthly webinar “The Dan Schnur Political Report" for the Los Angeles World Affairs Council & Town Hall. Follow Dan's work at www.danschnurpolitics.com

A Chronicle of Hate

After more than eight months of demonstrations, unrest and outright bigotry and antisemitism that directly corresponded with the Gaza war, let’s review what happened in the closing days of the 2023-24 school year.

Euphoria, Then Reality

For Jews in America and around the world, our feelings about the state of Israel are a never-ending balancing act between our hearts and our heads.

Pushing for a Deal in Israel

At this point, Biden doesn’t care all that much whether the Israeli leader who signs off on a peace treaty is Netanyahu or someone else. He just needs a deal.

Sacrifice Works Both Ways

If Israel is to recognize a Palestinian state, then the Palestinians should be obligated to recognize Israel – as a Jewish state.

Biden Feeling Heat from Both Sides

Biden spent his week unsuccessfully trying to extricate himself from the deepening political morass that the Gaza conflict has become for him.

Why 2024 Is Not 1968

While both crises feature a centrist president being targeted by an aggressive anti-war movement, the differences between Gaza and Vietnam are immense.

The Jewish Question, Revisited

While most of this country’s institutions of higher learning tend to give precedence to the physical and emotional safety of their students over the protection of freedom of expression, they have completely reversed those priorities when the subject is Israel, Jews or Judaism. 

When Hatred Spreads

There are approximately 6,000 colleges and universities in America, and almost all of them will hold commencement ceremonies in the next few weeks to honor their graduates.


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