January 28, 2020

Dan Schnur

Are Jews a minority — oppressed or otherwise? From a statistical standpoint, of course we are. We are approximately 2 percent of the nation’s population
The more we care about something — a cause, a concept or a country — the more likely we are to achieve our goals. But the converse is true as well.
If ever a case could be made for a third party in American politics, it would be from the specter of next year’s presidential election being between Republican incumbent Donald Trump and a Jeremy Corbyn Democrat.
I am a privileged white man and an avowed centrist. As such, I want the Women’s March to succeed. I want to support a movement
If Trump has been doing Putin’s dirty work — wittingly or unwittingly — he should be removed from office and sentenced to prison
Most American Jews despise President Donald Trump. All Jews hate anti-Semitism. The barely visible silver lining of Rashida Tlaib
Mitt Romney and Elizabeth Warren have little in common. But the conservative Republican and progressive Democrat, the once and future
Is there a potential for a centrist third party that could occupy the ground that has been abandoned by Democrats and Republicans?
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