October 15, 2019

Dan Schnur

Are Jews a minority — oppressed or otherwise? From a statistical standpoint, of course we are. We are approximately 2 percent of the nation’s population
The more we care about something — a cause, a concept or a country — the more likely we are to achieve our goals. But the converse is true as well.
If ever a case could be made for a third party in American politics, it would be from the specter of next year’s presidential election being between Republican incumbent Donald Trump and a Jeremy Corbyn Democrat.
I am a privileged white man and an avowed centrist. As such, I want the Women’s March to succeed. I want to support a movement
If Trump has been doing Putin’s dirty work — wittingly or unwittingly — he should be removed from office and sentenced to prison
Most American Jews despise President Donald Trump. All Jews hate anti-Semitism. The barely visible silver lining of Rashida Tlaib
Mitt Romney and Elizabeth Warren have little in common. But the conservative Republican and progressive Democrat, the once and future
Is there a potential for a centrist third party that could occupy the ground that has been abandoned by Democrats and Republicans?
A cultural attitude or policy preference that a young person develops as an undergraduate doesn’t disappear when they finish college
When the American Jewish community looks in the mirror, we see David carrying his sling. But to everybody else, we look a lot like Goliath. 
The Nov. 6 elections were a battle between soccer moms and NASCAR dads. These are the voters who represent the two opposing
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