Dan Schnur

Dan Schnur

Dan Schnur is the U.S. Politics Editor for the Jewish Journal. He teaches courses in politics, communications, and leadership at UC Berkeley, USC and Pepperdine. He hosts the monthly webinar “The Dan Schnur Political Report" for the Los Angeles World Affairs Council & Town Hall. Follow Dan's work at www.danschnurpolitics.com

Looking Beyond the War

The Gaza war is barely a month old and it’s impossible to guess how long it will last.

Obama’s Moral Blunder

Obama has again roiled the geopolitical waters of the Middle East with his analysis of the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Humanitarian Has Two Sides

A traditional definition of humanitarianism would certainly include access to food, water and medicine. But it would also contain some reference to the prevention of murder, rape, kidnapping, and slaughter of children, women, seniors and babies.

Never Again … Again

The same self-assurance that led me to believe that racism and bigotry in this country were shrinking forces had also convinced many of us that Israel’s strengths could now protect it from the ancient hatreds that Jews have faced since biblical times.  

Carnage Enters Israel

While there will certainly be angry recriminations and acrimonious investigations into the security and intelligence failures that led to this tragedy, the immediate necessities of war will come first.

The Race After Feinstein

Schiff and Porter are running neck-and-neck in early polling, but Schiff maintains an almost 3-1 fundraising advantage.

Bibi’s Daze of Awe

Few of us have ever packed more into Ten Days of Repentance than Benjamin Netanyahu did this year.

Musk’s Media Addiction

As much as his extraordinary business successes, the key to his outsized media profile is Musk’s willingness to seek out controversy and confrontation.


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