September 23, 2019

Letters to the Editor: Trump at the Western Wall

The Effect of Trump’s Visit to the Wall

Rob Eshman is right to note that, by visiting the Western Wall, the first incumbent president to do so, President Donald Trump linked “the sovereignty of the Western Wall to the State of Israel, despite the demurrals and hedging of his advisers and representatives” (“In Israel, Trump Reinforces the Wall,” May 23).

It is also praiseworthy that the Trump administration has started referring to “Jerusalem, Israel” –– the opposite of the Obama administration, which actually scrubbed references to “Jerusalem, Israel” from government websites.

To be sure, it would be far better if President Trump would move the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem immediately. The Zionist Organization of America, which I head, has urged President Trump to do so repeatedly and has been publicly critical of the fact that he has not.

That the Palestinians and Arabs seek this and the fact the United States defers to them is a tragic mistake and injustice which needs to be put right, and we urge President Trump to do so.

Morton A. Klein, National President Zionist Organization of America, New York

I enjoyed Rob Eshman’s column about President Trump’s visit to the Western Wall.

We might disagree about some things, but your columns continue to impress me as fair-minded and reasonable. That attitude is what we need most in America today.

Noah Palmer via email

There, There, Rob

Well, Rob, since this particular column was the first ever of yours I’ve read, I don’t know if I disagree with you on anything or not (“Not Yelling Back,” May 12). I did want to let you know, however, I thoroughly enjoyed it. You sound like you’ve got good, tough skin, so I doubt you took anything personally. Ha ha. Anyway, I thought you could use a compliment! Keep up the good work.

Carol Brockman Castro via email

Obama, Trump and Israel

I just read Rob Eshman’s column on our president (“Trump Blew It, Big Time,” May 19). I am not Jewish, but I absolutely recognize the value of Israel. 

The Barack Obama years displayed a disturbing disdain for Jews and Israel. President Obama did everything humanly possible to destroy Israel. His love of Iran, his nuclear deal and his disgraceful treatment of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu all should be reason for Jews to hate Obama. Israeli citizens do.   

Netanyahu would read your column and cringe. Israelis who read your material would be ashamed. You’re uneducated and wrong. You owe your readers an apology. Trump did not compromise Israeli intel. Netanyahu agrees. Are you smarter than the prime minister of Israel?

Robert Rice via email

Reach Out for Help Regarding Substance Abuse

Regarding the May 19 story “Bringing Substance Abuse Awareness to Jewish Community,” it is important to note, that although the attendees at the event on May 8 were “mostly Orthodox,” the message is the same for all of us. Mental health and addiction issues do not discriminate based on the group one identifies with. It was an incredible honor to join with Aleph Institute to shine light on issues that affect us all.

Parents need to know that as we head into the summer and our kids will be out of school, feelings of isolation and struggles with drugs and alcohol can intensify as there are fewer adults “keeping an eye” on our kids. If you suspect your child is struggling, reach out for help. Professionals in our field work 12 months a year and can be a lifeline to you and your family. Destinations is running a summer program specifically working with teens that may be facing these challenges.

Summer can be a time of healing and healthful learning. Reach out, there is help.

 Ari Stark, VP of Operations, Destinations Premier Teen Treatment Programs for Sustainable Wellbeing