Ryan Saghian—The New Face of L.A. Design

July 25, 2018
Ryan Saghian

As one of today’s most celebrated millennial designers, Ryan Saghian has built an extensive portfolio of work covering all aspects of design in high-end residential, hospitality, and specialty commercial interiors.

At just 26, Ryan represents a new emersion of millennial designers enjoying recognition for accomplishments far beyond his years. With a storefront in the famed West Hollywood Design District, a hand crafted furniture collection, new wallpaper collection, and tastemaker status; Ryan has now become a staple in the LA design community.

A native Angeleno, Ryan continually incorporates elements of Hollywood opulence into his spaces, which he finds to be a defining aspect of what shapes Los Angeles design.

The reason his company stands out? His story and his bold look. “I think I inspire younger generations being that I am only 26, but I have also been successful at branding my look,” he tells the Jewish Journal. “You definitely know it’s my work when you see it!”

But there have been some challenges along his path to success. Keeping up was one of them. “This is an industry where my stock and trade is my time,” he admits. “The busier I get, the harder it is to juggle!” He often reminds himself to relax and take time off.

The biggest highlight for Ryan is the appreciation others have for his work. “As an artist there is truly no better feeling than when someone enjoys the final product.”

An avid reader, Ryan recommends to us “The Untethered Soul” by Michael Singer, which he says was a life-changing book. His current favorite? “A Return to Love” by Marianne Williamson.

Ironically enough, people also look to Ryan for inspiration in addition to interior design help.

“In an industry that is mostly based on external factors, I like to promote internal growth and beauty. I do this by posting motivational, in-depth quotes and novelties on my social media platforms for my followers to be inspired by,” he says.

But who inspired him?

“My parents,” he says. “My father converted the garage into a design studio for me to start my own firm after I graduated college. I grew my business out of that garage.”

Ryan also acknowledges the power of his Iranian-Jewish community. “I really admire my community here in Los Angeles. To have experienced [the Iranian] revolution and start all over in a foreign country to then become one of the most successful immigration stories in U.S. history is not only admirable but also honorable.”

To aspiring designers, he gives honest advice:

Mistakes are expensive in this industry! Always cross your T’s and dot your I’s.

The biggest hurdle he’s had to face, though, are the long timelines with vendors “I ALWAYS have a backup option with shorter lead times,” Ryan tells us.

No matter what comes his way, Ryan is determined to move forward. “I want to take over the interior design world!” And he just might. With his own wallpaper collection, furniture collection, and candle collection, he continues to expand, and eventually, would like to have more product lines.

Ryan, who received his Bachelors of Science degree in Interior Design from the Art Institute of California’s CIDA design school, was recently dubbed “the go-to designer for creating homes that feel invitingly luxurious.”

Find him on Instagram: @ryansaghian.



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