December 19, 2018


A professor at Columbia University found her office vandalized with spray-painted swastikas and the anti-Semitic slur “Yid”...
CNN has fired Marc Lamont Hill from his position as a political commentator following his call for a “free Palestine from the...
Anderson Cooper, CNN anchor, and Andy Cohen, the Emmy-winning host provide a live, behind-the-scenes look at pop culture and world events.
Growing up in Cleveland, Justine Siegal dreamed of being a professional baseball player with the Cleveland Indians.
For over a month now, de Toledo High School (dTHS) in West Hills has opened its doors and its arms to those in need.
After losing their home in the Camp Fire in Northern Cali, this couple had to put their dreams and Hanukkah planning on hold. 
Everyone celebrates Hanukkah with rituals. Candles are lit, prayers recited, gifts exchanged, dreidels spun, gelt counted
Marc Lamont Hill, a political commentator for CNN and a professor at Temple University, said at the United Nations on Wednesday...
UK Prime Minister Theresa May tore into anti-Semitism in a Monday speech, explicitly stating that it is an example of racism.
Israel’s Chief Rabbinate released their standards on Nov. 27 for recognizing those that have undergone a conversion to Orthodox Judaism.
Laws in Florida and Illinois cracking down on the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement might be used against Airbnb...
A judge struck down a 1996 federal law banning female genital mutilation, saying that it was incompatible with the Constitution.
Anti-Defamation League (ADL) CEO Jonathan Greenblatt wrote a letter to Airbnb expressing their dismay at the organization’s decision to...
Women’s March leader Linda Sarsour issued a statement apologizing to Jews on Tuesday after she and other Women’s March leaders have...
The work of Amos Oz, one of Israel’s best-known living authors, is the subject of the latest Shabbat Lunch and Learn class at Sephardic
The concept of fake news started in part as a way to help people convey conspiratorial stories, such as Hillary Clinton running a child sex
As I write this story, 77 people have died in the recent California fires and nearly 1,000 are unaccounted for.
A video from Students Supporting Israel (SSI) shows attendees at the National Students for Justice in Palestine (NSJP) conference in...
After 10 years as executive director for nonprofit Clergy & Laity for Economic Justice in Los Angeles, Rabbi Jonathan Klein resigned amid
In the aftermath of the Woolsey Fire, the new normal for those who have been able to return home, and actually have a home to return to,  
As the death toll and damage estimates continue to rise from the Camp Fire in Northern California, Jewish organizations are scrambling
In the wake of the Woolsey fire, the Kletter family evacuated its Malibu home and tried to check into a hotel in Santa Monica.
Jewish community leaders attended an online briefing to learn about the impact of the Woolsey and Hill fires
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