Wednesday, September 23, 2020



Miami Herald Apologizes for Running Anti-Semitic and Racist Ads for Months in Spanish-Language Publication

A column had accused Jews of supporting "thieves and arsonists” and compared the Black Lives Matter movement to the Nazis.

On Rosh Hashanah Call, Trump Tells American Jews ‘We Love Your Country’ and Asks for Their Vote

"If we don’t win, Israel is in big trouble,” Trump said.

Qatar Says It Won’t Normalize Ties With Israel

"We don’t think that normalization was the core of this conflict and hence it can’t be the answer."

Spielberg? Streisand? Gadot? You Can Vote for the Next Genesis Prize Winner

This is the first time that the Jewish community can vote on the candidates.

ASU Student Gov’t Passes Resolution Adopting IHRA Definition of Anti-Semitism

"The Undergraduate Student Government of Tempe unreservedly condemns all acts of racism, bigotry, and violence against the Jewish community."

Study: More Than One in 10 Americans Under 40 Thinks Jews Caused the Holocaust

Among those who had heard of the Holocaust, more than a third wrongly believed that 2 million Jews or fewer were killed.

Jews Have Lived in Bahrain for 140 Years. The Country’s Peace Deal With Israel Changes Their Lives

"We can talk to our relatives and we can feel more comfortable now about going and coming," the leader of Bahrain's Jewish community said.

Trump Says Saudi Arabia, Several Other Arab Countries Will Soon Normalize Ties With Israel

"At the right time, I do think they will come in, yes, I do."

Trump Ad Featuring Bernie Sanders as Puppet Master for Biden Is Anti-Semitic, 2 Left-Wing Jewish Groups Say

"There’s a long, dangerous history of Jews being scapegoated as all-powerful puppet masters."

White House Releases UAE and Bahrain Agreements With Israel. Here Are Some Details

The documents outlined areas of security and economic cooperation.

Murder Victim’s Son Says It’s ‘Shameful’ That Suspect in Killing of French Jewish Woman Won’t Stand Trial

Alan Knoll, the son of murdered Holocaust survivor Mireille Knoll, said this at a rally for justice for murdered Jewish woman Sarah Halimi.

Israel Officially Signs Peace Treaties With UAE and Bahrain in White House Ceremony

In conjunction with the signed agreement, the United States reportedly has assured the UAE that Israel would pause West Bank annexation efforts for four years.

Rockets Fired From Gaza at Israel as Israel and UAE Sign Agreement in Washington

At least two people were injured from the shrapnel.

Serbia Designates Hezbollah as Terror Organization

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo praised Serbia's decision to do so.

Swastikas Found on Tennessee Bridge

Other swastikas were found in downtown Chattanooga's Arts District.

NBA Star, American Israeli Rapper Discuss Black-Jewish Relations

Both talked about how to build bridges between the two communities.

Biden Leads Trump 67-30 Among Jewish Voters, Survey Finds

The survey suggested gains for Trump among Jewish voters since 2016, support among Trump voters appears to be relatively soft.

Mayim Bialik Joins L.A. Shofar Wave that Aims to Bring Jewish Community Together For Rosh Hashanah

The shofar wave involves placing people on corners throughout the city and asking them to blow the shofar one after another.

Iran Executes Wrestler After He Participated in Anti-Government Protests

Many had pleaded with Iran to not execute him.

Biden Says Trump’s Foreign Policy Is Bad for Israel as Democrats Look to Shore up Jewish Support

"Trump’s put Israel in danger by tearing up the Iran nuclear deal and replaced it with nothing."

Anti-BDS Group Provides $25,000 to UC Berkeley Anti-Semitism Initiative

The initiative was first launched at the end of 2019.

London Mayoral Hopeful Suspended for Telling Voters in 1997 ‘Don’t Vote for a Jew’

"I am deeply ashamed of the ignorant and abusive language,” she tweeted.

Amid Increasing COVID Alarm, Packed Services Held at Chabad’s Brooklyn Headquarters Saturday Night

(JTA) — Men packed into a late-night prayer service at Chabad’s main synagogue in Brooklyn Saturday night, in violation of New York’s health rules...

A Florida Congressional Race Between Two Jews Symbolizes the Culture War

The race includes right-wing provocateur Laura Loomer against the incumbent, Lois Frankel.

Swastikas Found on Ontario Streets

They were spray-painted in white.

Israel, Bahrain Normalize Relations in U.S.-Brokered Agreement

President Trump tweeted that it was a "historic breakthrough."

EU Says Serbia, Kosovo Moving Embassies to Jerusalem Threatens Their Membership Statuses

"Any diplomatic steps that could call into question the EU’s common position on Jerusalem are a matter of serious concern and regret.”

Nearly a Year After Attempted Yom Kippur Attack, Pandemic Forces Halle Jews out of Synagogue for High Holy Days

"We’d rather be in our synagogue, but this is the most practical solution," the chairman of the community told JTA.

New Articles

House Passes Bill That Requires Federal Government to Act Against Domestic Terrorism

The bill would authorize offices in the departments of Homeland Security and Justice, as well as the FBI, to analyze and monitor domestic terrorist activity.

Ilhan Omar Says It’s Important to Understand How People Experience Anti-Semitism

“It is important, when you are not of that community, to understand the different ways that bigotry shows up.”

Actress Tovah Feldshuh on Playing RBG and Meeting the Justice in Her Chambers

"Ruth was a tiny woman but as they say in [Shakespeare’s] ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream,’ ‘though she be but little, she was fierce.’ "

Honduras to Move Embassy to Jerusalem by Year’s End

(JTA) — Honduras will move its embassy to Jerusalem by the end of this year, the Prime Minister’s Office in Israel announced. The statement Monday...

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