June 26, 2019

Legal Notice Reminds L.A. Teachers of Right to Work During Union Strike

The National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation issued a special legal notice Friday informing all Los Angeles teachers of their rights regarding Monday’s LAUSD. strike.

The non-profit supplies employees with free legal services whose human or civil rights have been violated. They posted the notice which can be found on the website, which provides important legal information for any teacher who wishes to continue to work during the strike.

The notice also tells teachers unwilling to abandon their students how to protect themselves against union retaliation by resigning their formal union membership prior to working while union officials are demanding they cease educating students.

Class will still be in session in many schools around the second biggest school district in the country. LAUSD told CNN that, “despite the expected absences of 32,000 teachers and staff members, classes will continue at all schools. About 600,000 students could be taught by more than 2,000 reassigned administrators and about 400 substitute teachers.”

“Teachers shouldn’t be kept in the dark any longer about their legal protections in the event of a strike,” president of the National Right to Work Foundation Mark Mix, said in a statement. “Despite union boss pressure, Los Angeles educators should know that they do not have to abandon their classrooms simply because union officials make demands. The Foundation will provide free legal aid for any teacher or other worker who seeks to exercise his or her rights, or is subjected to threats for doing so.”

The teachers union also told CNN “while every family will make their own decision on whether to send their child to school in the event of a strike, having many parents and allies on picket lines will be powerful and transformative.”

Workers can request free legal aid at www.nrtw.org/free-legal-aid or by calling the Foundation toll-free at 1-800-336-3600