Letters to the editor: Response to women’s march, Obama goodbye, and Journal at 30

February 9, 2017

Women’s March Was About Moving Forward

Jan. 21 was a wonderful example of women and men marching peacefully with great dignity so their voices might be heard.

My environmentalist daughter in the Bay Area marched; my pregnant younger daughter, son and husband marched in Brooklyn. I marched with friends in Los Angeles, proud to be an American.

We will not move backward in time and tolerate anything less than progress forward. We will not lose our right to make healthy choices about our bodies.

Marilyn Stolzman, Calabasas

Emotions About Obama, Run High

Judging by the letters you are getting that chide Rob Eshman’s reverent goodbye to President Barack Obama (“Thank You, Obama,” Jan. 20), it appears that your Jewish readers are beginning to wake up. We should thank Obama for showing the Jews how mistaken they were in voting for him with all his underhanded anti-Israel handiwork.

Chuck Colton, Sherman Oaks

Hal-e-Jew-Ya to Fran P. Jackson’s letter (Jan. 27) about former (thank God) President Obama! He was the worst president America has ever known, and thank God we have a brilliant man like Donald Trump as our president! Shabbat shalom to the very interesting Jewish Journal! I am a visitor from Manhattan, and even if I wasn’t Jewish, I would love reading your great magazine!

Sandy Kane Brodsky via email

Three Decades of Jewish Journalism

I enjoyed Tom Tugend’s feature story on the 30 years of the Jewish Journal (“A Paper Evolves and Innovates,” Jan. 27) with some sense of nostalgia.

My first “real” job was with the B’nai B’rith Messenger in 1977. The world was different then. But Jewish journalism was still a very challenging and rewarding profession, just as it is today. I salute the Jewish Journal for 30 years of providing thought-provoking ideas that impact our community.

The one omission I think Tugend made was not devoting a little more space to the early Jewish editors who “set the table” for the banquet that the Jewish Journal would eventually become. At the very least to name people like Joseph Jonah Cummins and Gil Thompson of the Messenger, Manny Chait of the Jewish Community Bulletin (which gave birth to the Journal), Herb Brin and a young guy with dark hair named Tugend at the Heritage.

Tom Tugend is and has been a treasure for this Jewish community.

Ron Solomon, Beverly Hills

Intentionally Omitting the Jews

I completely agree with Rob Eshman’s concept that President Donald Trump’s omission of the Jews from his Holocaust speech was intentional so that he would not alienate his large anti-Jewish base (“A Holocaust Without Jews,” Feb. 3). And I am tired of hearing that Trump can be forgiven because his daughter and son-in-law are Jewish. I have yet to see evidence that Trump arranged his daughter’s shidduch (dating, being wooed by and marrying an Orthodox Jew) nor that he was delighted that it happened. Yes, now that he has a bright son-in-law, he is using him, just like an Arab head of state uses a Jewish surgeon.

Martin A. Brower, Corona del  Mar

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