Summer Romance Turn into Fall Proposals

October 25, 2022
Wedding ChuppahWedding Chuppah

When the leaves change color and it starts to get chilly, those of us in the romance travel and wedding planning industry can almost feel the anticipation in the air! Approximately 40% of marriage proposals will happen between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day, with the most popular days being Christmas Eve, New Years Eve and Valentine’s Day. December is particularly popular for those “surprise” engagement getaways that we are often asked to help plan during the winter holiday season, when family and friends gather for those special celebrations.

However, unless the couple has a favorite place they both love, choosing a wedding destination and venue can be a daunting task as there is so much to consider! How do you choose a venue if one loves the beach and the other is more of a city person? Same with choosing activities. What about the legalities of the country where you will get married or the vendors you would need? Do you buy your wedding attire where you are getting married, or take it with you? How many guests should you invite, and should you remain in the same area for the honeymoon! So many details to think about and that is what your travel advisor will help you with. Once you have decided on a venue, there are amazing professional planners on site who will give you great advise and support you throughout your event and stay. As far as destinations are concerned, these three popped up most often when I did research in my singles groups and FYI, these destinations are LGBTQ friendly.

The Maldives – photo credit Daniel Santiago Diaz www.koveli.com

The Maldives is a breathtaking tropical setting for a destination wedding and popular with couples who love the luxe remote island getaway, that leaves you feeling that you are hidden from the rest of the world. This resort appeals to the couple who loves to explore the beaches, would enjoy snorkeling or going on a cruise, visit the coral islands or go diving. Every resort in the Maldives has an array of different settings where the couple can exchange vows and share those precious moments with their loved ones. There are the more unusual options such as saying “I Do” on an Over the Water chapel, or on a beautiful sandbank in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Couples have even opted for a ceremony in an underwater restaurant, or on a stunning a beachfront at sunset with friends and family. The Maldives is a destination that is dedicated to celebrating love with spectacular views! Aside from the endless and pristine beaches, the Maldives is also famous for its vibrant culture and of course those famous overwater bungalows.

Planning a destination wedding is always a challenge and we work with a professional and knowledgeable management company at the Maldives, who is familiar with and have worked with the properties we suggest for our clients. They assists travel advisors and their clients with destinations weddings to the Maldives and offer more than 135 resorts in the Maldives at all price points. If you are a travel advisor reading this article and want to contact Daniel, let me know and I will give you their direct contact info. Definitely recommended!

Grand Resort Lagonissi – Greece. Photo credit Mania Spanou.

Mania Spanou at the Grand Resort Lagonissi in Greece and her very professional team, are highly recommended by Vivian Chambers of the Muse Collection and it is easy to see why. This resort and wedding venue is just breathtaking. An added value for me as I book Jewish Weddings and events, is the fact that this resort adheres to strict kosher standards. We will be doing a follow up article about the Kosher events at this stunning destination soon.

The Grand Resort Lagonissi is a dreamy island like resort in the south suburbs of Athens with exceptional sea view rooms and sea front bungalows, private pools and private beaches. These upscale hotel facilities, scrumptious dining choices, holistic spa and wellness treatments as well as tailored concierge services are designed to meet the desires of prominent guests. Nuzzled in a 72-acre private peninsula with no less than 16 private beaches, unsurpassed facilities and services, the resort allows visitors to enjoy a one-of-a-kind holiday experience tailored to their needs and desires. The Resort Lagonissi is situated approximately 45 minutes away from the center of Athens, 20 minutes from Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos and 35 minutes from the Temple of Poseidon in Sounio.

Sprinkled with stardust, weddings, events and celebrations taking place at the Grand Resort Lagonissi will be engraved in the heart of all guests for the years to come. Secluded amidst colorful gardens, on the Cliffside overlooking the bay, on a yacht-like sea view setting or right on the dazzling seafront, wedding venues offered at the Grand Resort Lagonissi evoke a sense of grandeur and refined elegance, perfect for a one-of-a-kind celebration, event, wedding and honeymoon for up to 1200 guests on the Athenian Riviera. Newlyweds are welcome to take advantage of the exclusive wedding packages available and leave everything to the hands of the professional experts who will plan the wedding of their dreams down to the last detail. Mania Spanou is the contact person and you can reach her here.  For the couple that needs something other than soaking up the sun and being pampered at this 5 star luxury resort, the Athenian Riviera offers an abundance of sightseeing attractions, cultural venues, shopping districts and opportunities for daily excursions.

Kilindi Zanzibar – Photo Credit Elewana Collection.

Zanzibar was the first island I ever traveled to as a kid with my family, and I clearly remember being utterly mesmerized by the incredibly white sand. The island is famous for its mix of exotic beaches, famous spice plantations, history and diverse culture. The locals are welcoming, laid back and thanks to the picture-perfect beaches, sunny weather and rich culture, Zanzibar is considered a popular tourist destination. The sea life of Zanzibar is bountiful and diverse. Guests can enjoy day boat trips, scuba diving and snorkeling and get a glimpse of the dolphins, stunningly and copious amounts of beautifully colored fish and vivid corals that thrive in Zanzibar’s clear waters.

Located on the north-west coast of Zanzibar, and adjacent to the clear turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, sits the extraordinary and gorgeous Kilindi. This beautiful luxurious boutique hotel was originally designed for Benny Andersson, one of the members of the pop group ABBA. Kilindi has achieved the perfect combination of Scandinavian minimalism and dramatic architectural overtones of Middle Eastern heritage, yet still with a back-to-nature ambiance. The suites all show off the spectacular views of the ocean and allows the gentle breeze to cool the guests on those hot summer days and balmy nights.

Each stunning villa has a private plunge pool with water features and a waterfall, and a bathroom adjoined by an open fronted walkway offers a revitalizing rainfall shower. Each villa also has a vantage point over the breath-taking views of the kaleidoscopic Indian ocean and bay traversed by traditional dhows. Dining options include romantic dinners on the beach, by the pool, among the gardens and room service. Kilindi’s delectable cuisine uses the freshest seafood caught that day, and an organic garden provides fresh crisp ingredients.

For the adventurous couple, there is always the option to hop over to Tanzania or Kenia for a safari honeymoon after spending some time on the glorious Kilindi in Zanzibar.

Thank you for spending time with me and follow for more info about jaw dropping destinations and fabulous adventures! Then contact me to book those unforgettable experiences. Also please contact me HERE should you have any questions about booking your destination wedding or honeymoon. I wrote an article a few years back about gorgeous wedding destinations in Israel and you can find that article HERE.

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