March 28, 2020

Taking Matchmaking Up a Notch!

I am trying something new here, and taking my Matchmaking to a new level a little bit.  I will be posting pictures and information of my singles on here.  If you are interested to get in touch with them, put a comment or send an email to me with your information and I will get you in touch with them.

Here are the requirements:

– You must be an eligible bachelor or bachelorette.  Meaning you are not Married!

– You must be a self-efficient adult.  Meaning if you still in your Mother’s basement, attic, or anywhere in her house, you may not apply!

– You must have a stable job.

– You must seriously want to be in a relationship, this is not Ashley Madison or Craigslist.

– If you have a prior criminal record, or conviction of any kind, you may not apply.  Even if you didn’t mean to do it.  That goes for Child Predators as well.

– If you are under the age of 28, you may not apply.

– Overall, you must be a decent human being!

Look for the first eligible Single in the next day or so…