February 20, 2019

DIY: Reupholstering a dining room chair

I'll admit it. I reupholstered the first of four chairs before documenting the process. I wanted to make sure that 1) I could do it and 2) that there wasn't any blood. So now that I'm totally an expert in dining chair reupholstery, I will share my wisdom with you! Seriously–this is sooooooo easy it hurts. No skills required!


-1 dining chair (with a cushion) in need of a fabric update

-1 yard of sturdy fabric per chair (cotton is fine, chiffon is not)

-1 heavy-duty staple gun/staples

-a phillips head screwdriver

-sharp scissors

-a large clean surface to work on (you don't want to get your pretty new cushion dirty!)


1. Remove the cushion from the chair frame by unscrewing it. Flip the chair over. It will be very obvious where to detach it.