Monday, July 13, 2020


Julie Bien


Focus on Israel: The ABCs of educational apps

Whether you want to teach your kindergartner the alef-bet or have your high-schooler brush up on ancient history, there’s a plethora of smartphone and...

Interview with Kosha Dillz

Name: Rami Even-Esh Best-known for: His alter-ego, Jewish rapper Kosha Dillz Little-known fact: “The first time I was in the newspaper was for a wrestling tournament when I...

Health apps appeal to a variety of Jewish needs

Whether you are interested in bringing more Judaism into your daily yoga practice or you are concerned about the halachic acceptability of tattooing for...

Shopping: Everything old is new

1. Bust open your box of vinyl and give the CROSLEY COLLEGIATE TURNTABLE ($149.95) a spin. This three-speed, vintage-style record player comes with a...

City planner’s view, from shul to burger stand

Name: Max Podemski Age: 33 Best-known for: Planning director at Pacoima Beautiful Little known fact: “I’m like a freak who’s always been interested in cities. I would...

Cartoon in UCLA student paper denounced as anti-Semitic

A political cartoon published in Monday’s edition of UCLA's daily student newspaper, the Daily Bruin, that comments on settlement expansion in the West Bank...

Camp Ramah in Ojai expands with $1.8 million land purchase

Tucked into the Ojai Valley of Ventura County are some of the most pristine and beautiful locations in Southern California — an idyllic place to go to summer camp or unwind on a retreat.

Chanukah gift guide: A festival of bites

Celebrate the Festival of Lights by giving gifts with gustatory flair.

Where pro-Israel teaching meets pro-animal rights

The first time Israeli animal rights activist Chen Cohen met the StandWithUs (SWU) staffer who invited him to speak at last weekend’s Los Angeles conference, he thought she was a spy for the meat and dairy industry.

Social media and the war against radicalization

One of the central questions during a recent expert panel discussion on the topic of social media and terrorist propaganda was simple: Who determines what content stays online and what is taken down?

Let the ‘Jewish Wisdom Ball’ be your guide

“I\'ve always been interested in manifesting creativity, whether it\'s by making a toy, a company or a poem.”

Shopping guide: The well-dressed dorm

For a first care package to your college-age child, here are some items to turn a dorm room into something special. Items like these can help turn their room into a quirky-cool haven.

Blessing or Curse: It’s Your Choice

Parashat Re’eh (Deuteronomy 11:26-16:17)

Israeli-German research team makes skin cancer breakthrough

Scientists in a collaborative Israeli-German research project say they have unlocked the secret of how melanoma spreads and are now able to point the way toward prevention of the killer disease.

Cool cover-ups: Modest workout clothes for the gym and beyond

Whether you want modest workout clothes for religious reasons or are simply self-conscious about wearing skin-baring tops and itty-bitty shorts, it can be difficult to find attractive and flattering options.

‘No You Can’t’ keep Kosha Dillz down: A review of his new LP “What I Do All Day and Pickle”

Kosha Dillz wastes no time yanking the listener into his world of the 'indie-artist-hustle' with the first track on his new LP, "What I...

Shopping: Tap into your youth

Sixty may be the new 40, but many boomers may feel even younger.

Beit T’Shuvah board to meet amid dispute between new CEO and longtime leadership

The board of directors of Beit T’Shuvah, one of the nation’s premier Jewish addiction treatment centers, will meet Tuesday in the wake of an email sent to all employees by new CEO Bill Resnick on the morning of Sunday, May 15.

Wardrobe change!

What Jewish girl wouldn’t want to mark her transition from childhood to adulthood in style?

Just for the Smiles: A new philanthropic endeavor that is ever-so-L.A.

Los Angeles native, Evan Gordon, 29, is the founder and president of <a href="http://justforthesmiles.org/ " target="_blank">Just for the Smiles, an up-and-coming non-profit that seeks...

Dress to impress on your next interview

You applied for your dream job and scored an interview. Congrats!

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Actor Nick Cannon Says Zionists, Rothschilds Have ‘Too Much Power,’ Praises Farrakhan

Actor Nick Cannon currently is under fire for espousing comments that have been criticized as anti-Semitic, including that Zionists and Rothschilds have “too much...

NFL’s Redskins Announce Intention to Change Name After Years of Pressure, Including From ADL

(JTA) — Yielding to mounting pressure from sponsors and advocacy groups, the NFL’s Washington Redskins announced Monday that they are changing their name. The team’s...

Barack Obama 2012 Alum Aaron Keyak to Head Joe Biden’s Jewish Outreach

Keyak is a longtime Democratic political strategist who worked for Barack Obama.