September 18, 2019

High Holy Days: In the rabbis’ words

From left: Rabbi David Wolpe, Rabbi Laura Geller and Rabbi Ed Feinstein

For the High Holy Days this year, the Jewish Journal invited three rabbis — Rabbi David Wolpe of Sinai Temple, Rabbi Laura Geller of Temple Emanuel of Beverly Hills and Rabbi Ed Feinstein of Valley Beth Shalom — to respond to a series of questions related to teshuvah, the task of making amends during the High Holy Days. 

The questions were: What really is a sin? Can people change? How do we forgive? How do we make amends?

The three — no surprise here — offered three very different responses, each in their own style. Together, perhaps, their answers offer insights into how we might pursue this most difficult task.

Rabbi David Wolpe: A time of transformation

Rabbi Laura Geller: A difficult conversation

Rabbi Ed Feinstein: As the Jew Turns