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April 30, 2020
Rose bly Lisa Niver april 18 2020

April News 2020 with We Said Go Travel:

I hope you and your loved ones are #togetherathome and healthy. COVID-19 has impacted our countries, our communities, our companies and every part of our planet.

Spring is here in Los Angeles

This was a very unusual Passover. My family met on ZOOM with 17 screens. If you want more Passover in your life, I highly recommend Stephen Wise Temple’s virtual first night seder (it is only 30min) and the absolutely phenomenal Saturday Night Seder which was also a fundraiser to benefit the CDC Foundation’s Coronavirus Emergency Response Fund.

To me the absolutely best part was Ben Platt singing at 12:05! Make sure to check out his album, Sing to Me Instead!

I know that you might have a bit of CABIN FEVER as myself and the entire world do at this point, so I wanted to share my favorite scene from Muppet Treasure Island that we used to watch in the Kids Club when I worked on cruise ships!

While I miss traveling, I know that I need to stay home and wait until it is safe to wander again around our world. I am sharing my past favorite trips for inspiration in my new series, Tell Me More About:

A rose from my walk around the block on April 18, 2020 #LGV40

Do you want to feel like you are traveling even if you cannot leave your home? Here are over 30 virtual field trips from around our planet which were highlighted on page 28 of April 10, 2020 print edition of the Jewish Journal!

Thank you to BoredPanda for publishing my story about walking with the animals which includes my African safari, Galapagos adventures and Churchill Polar Bear videos as well as my article about walking with Polar Bears.

Thank you to our THEY SAID authors for sharing their stories this month:

Read about ShemeshFarms: A Story About Resilience from Michelle Cait, Traveling to India to meet The Dalai Lama! from Sarah Robarts, A Shaman Shows the Way: Channeling the Pachamama in Machu Picchu from Marian Gerlich and Oranges in the Shower – A Whiff of Hope from Gabrielle Kaufman

My recently published videos are animals from my December 2019 Galapagos sailing on Ecoventura’s THEORY. Never did I ever think I would publish an entire video of mating giant tortoises! I also have new videos of Frigate birds, Blue Footed Boobies, Iguanas and Flamingos!


Here is the link to my video channel on YouTube where I have over one million views on YouTube! (Exact count: 1,180,000 views) Thank you for your support! Are you one of my 2,650 subscribers? I hope you will join me and subscribe!

For more We Said Go Travel articles, TV segments, videos and social media: CLICK HERE

Find me on social media: InstagramFacebookTwitterPinterestYouTube, and at LisaNiver.com.  My social media following is now over 160,000 and I am verified on Twitter.

My fortune cookies said:

“You thrive on adventure, try something new.”

and A smooth sea never made a skillful mariner!”

Keep dreaming big dreams, we will travel again in the future! For now, stay safe, stay at home and stay healthy~


Sunset in Santa Monica in Feb 2020
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More news and opinions than at a Shabbat dinner, right in your inbox.

More news and opinions than at a Shabbat dinner, right in your inbox.