Shmuel Rosner

Shmuel Rosner

Shmuel Rosner is an Israeli columnist, editor, and researcher. He is the editor of the research and data-journalism website themadad.com, and is the political editor of the Jewish Journal.

Rosner’s Domain | The ‘Day After’ Agnostics

What will the Gaza Strip look like the day after? That depends, first and foremost, on the outcome of the war. It also depends on Israel’s wishes, and on international pressures, and on internal Palestinian trends. 

How Could This Have Happened

The most difficult day in Israel’s history is behind us, and very difficult days — hopefully not equally difficult, or more difficult — are still ahead of us.

Rosner’s Domain | A War at Fifty

Fifty years have passed, but in Israel it is still impossible to disentangle the tremble and awe of Yom Kippur from the trauma of the 1973 Yom Kippur War.

Rosner’s Domain | Basic Truth on Basic Laws

On Tuesday, Israel’s High Court convened to hear the case for and against striking down the so-called “reasonableness law,” that would curb the top court’s power to exercise judicial review over government decisions.

Rosner’s Domain | Procrasti-Nation

Rather than solving problems, Israel shelves them, to be dealt with maybe next year, or by the next government, or when the next crisis materializes.


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