Wednesday, August 12, 2020


Shmuel Rosner


Israel Will Be Happy With President Biden

It is important to remember that in politics, we choose between existing alternatives, not creating our own imaginary world.  

Israel File Appendix: Early August Polls

The early August polls continue the July trends. Likud is the largest party with just over 30 projected seats. Yesh Atid is the second...

Shlomo Fischer: The Jerusalem Protests

Shlomo Fischer and Shmuel Rosner discuss the almost daily protests aking place in Jerusalem. Who are the protesters? Why are they protesting? And how...

Rosner’s Torah Talk: Parshat Eikev with Rabbi Gideon Estes

Rabbi Gideon Estes became the head rabbi at Congregation Or Ami  in Houston, Texas in July 2010. In this week's Torah Portion – Parashat Ekev...

The Tragedy in Lebanon Has Been Years in the Making

Lebanon is falling apart and has been for many years and many reasons. It has been bleeding a slow death by a thousand cuts. With the Aug. 4 explosion in Beirut, those wounds were suddenly visible.

The Israel File: Numbers, Graphs and Extras

This post is part of The Israel File, our new Sunday newsletter that summarizes everything you need to know about the last week and...

Rosner’s Torah Talk: Parshat Vaetchanan with Rabbi Josh Broide

Rabbi Josh Broide is the director of the Deborah & Larry D. Silver Center for Jewish Engagement, a division of the Jewish Federation of...

Gil Samsonov: Who are the Israeli Princes?

Gil Samsonov discusses the Israeli Likud princes and their clash with one of their own —Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Gil Samsonov is a managing partner...

Ilhan Omar or a Moderate Republican?

In this case, the debate is about much more than tactics and might preclude a shared goal that we can call “pro-Israel.”

Poll Update: Israel’s Coalition Stands at Less than 60 Seats

Demonstrations against the government all over the country do not draw huge crowds but receive a lot of media attention. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu...

Tisha B’Av: A Reason to Mourn

The day is marked by a fast, a practice most Jews do not observe. In fact, for most Jews, Tisha b’Av is just another day.

Rosner’s Torah Talk: Parshat Devarim Collection

Parashat Devarim (Deuteronomy 1:1-3:22) is the first portion from the book of Deuteronomy. In this parsha, Moses begins his review of the story of...

Sharren Haskel: On the Israeli Lobby to Promote Relations With Christian Communities Worldwide

Knesset member Sharren Haskel and Shmuel Rosner chat about the unique importance of the Lobby to Promote Relations With Christian Communities Worldwide, which is...

Coalition in Trouble: Israel’s Covid-19 Politics

  In my July 13 cover story, I painted a grim picture of a dysfunctional Israeli government.  The polls show a very “sharp decline in...

Rosner’s Torah Talk: Matot-Masei with Rabbi Jessica Locketz

Rabbi Jessica E. Locketz is the rabbi and director of education of Temple Emanuel, in Pittsburgh, Pa. Rabbi Locketz oversees family and youth programming,...

The Israeli Government Is Failing Its People During the Pandemic

The main problem with Israel’s government is that it doesn’t set examples. It doesn’t inspire the public, gaining its trust and leading it through hardships.

Alon Aranya: Introducing the show “Tehran”

Shmuel Rosner and Alon Aranya discuss the show "Tehran" - coming soon to AppleTV. Alon talks about the uniqueness of Israeli Tv and its...

Support for Annexation on a Scale of 1 to 6

July 1 came and went, and the plan for Israeli annexation is still not clear. It might happen soon or it might not happen...

Rosner’s Torah Talk: Parshat Pinchas with Rabbis Rice

Rabbi Laurie Rice and Rabbi Philip Rice ("Flip") lead congregation Micah in Nashville, TN. Rabbi Laurie hails from Los Angeles, California, and was ordained by the...

Do We Really Have to Read Beinart Again?

Had I not known Peter Beinart’s periodic cries for attention, I’d probably be angry with his chutzpah.

Why I, As An Israeli, Am Angry With My Government. Again.

Our leaders were thoughtless. Even worse, they were and are undignified.

Jonathan Rynhold: US-Israel relations in the age of Trump

Jonathan Rynhold and Shmuel Rosner discuss the special relationship between Israel and the united states in the age of trump and beyond. Professor Jonathan Rynhold...

Do Israelis Support Trump?

More than half of all Israelis believe that President Donald Trump will be a better president than Joe Biden.

Rosner’s Torah Talk: Parshat Chukat-Balak with Rabbi David Levinsky

Our guest is Rabbi David Levinsky. Rabbi Levinsky holds the Saidye Rosner Bronfman Rabbinic Chair at Temple Har Shalom, in Park City, Utah, since...

Oded Revivi: Why would a settler oppose the annexation?

Shmuel Rosner and guest Oded Revivi discuss the reasons many settlers oppose the upcoming annexation. Oded Revivi is the mayor of Efrat and the international...

Netanyahu May Have Squandered His Moment to Become a Great Leader

Three months ago, when the crisis hit, Netanyahu acted like a great leader. But great leaders don’t get tired halfway through a crisis.

Annexation Polls Lack Nuance

Supporters of full, unconditional annexation are not as many as Netanyahu seems to think.

Rosner’s Torah Talk: Parshat Korach with Rabbi Dan Ain

Rabbi Dan Ain, from Congregation Beth Sholom in San Francisco, develops meaningful ways to worship in the 21st century – creating experiences that speak...

Political Update: Gantz Down, Lapid Up, Netanyahu Alone at the Top

The newly-formed government is struggling to stabilize itself. There is a deep sense of mistrust between its two main parties, Likud and Blue and...

Latest news

Nick Cannon, ADL Call for Unity Between Black and Jewish Communities in Joint Op-Ed

"When Blacks and Jews fight one another, racists rejoice and bigots celebrate, even as the silent majority among our people mourn."

Israel’s Hadassah Hospital ‘a Partner’ in Development of Russian Coronavirus Vaccine, Director Says

"They’re doing fine work, they work differently to us and we adapt our methods to them.”

Nazi Party Applications Reportedly Distributed in Indiana Park

Anti-Semitic pamphlets were also reportedly handed out.