February 19, 2020

Rosner’s Torah Talk: Parashat Vayigash with Rabbi Mitchell Wohlberg

Our guest this week is Rabbi Mitchell Wohlberg, head of the Beth Tflioh congregation in Baltimore, MD. Rabbi Wohlberg has been Beth Tfiloh’s spiritual leader since 1978. His sermons are read by thousands over the Internet, and he is the author of the books, “The Un-Haggadah: How to Keep the Conversation and Wine Flowing at Your Seder” and “Pulpit Power.”

This week’s Torah portion — Parashat Vayigash (Genesis 44:18-47:27) — features the dramatic scene in which Joseph reveals his real identity to his brothers in Egypt and describes the reconciliation between them. Our discussion focuses on what the events of the parasha teach us about confrontation, reconciliation and repentance.


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