April 19, 2022

Mike Binder is one amazing guy. He’s a multi-talented comedian, actor, writer, director, and documentarian. And he’s as down-to-earth as they come. He’s a stand-up comedian turned movie-maker and has written and directed films like the heartwarming “Indian Summer,” the touching and funny “The Upside of Anger,” directed the cult classic “Blankman”, and created, wrote and directed the successful HBO series “The Mind of the Married Man,” wrote, directed and produced Showtime’s wonderful five-part documentary series “The Comedy Store,” and is working on his second Bill Burr comedy special.

An old friend of Mark’s, Mike talks with the guys in a very open and honest conversation about his early years in comedy, how tough it is to get movies made, the art of learning from mistakes, finding sobriety, and the hardship of the recent losses (and warm memories) of good friends Bob Saget and Gilbert Gottfried. Mike shares some great stories about seeing Richard Pryor as a young kid, his little-brother type relationship with Jay Leno as he was starting out, additional scoop about the Comedy Store, and much more!

Comedy fans MUST check out Mike’s new website and Substack,  invaluable resources on what’s going on in the world of comedy:

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