Day School Surprises Kids With U.S. Soldier’s Return in Time for Purim

March 22, 2019
Rivka and Moshe Scheinfeld with their family following their surprise reunion March 15. Photo courtesy of Rivka Scheinfeld

What was initially thought of as a Purim assembly became a homecoming reunion for Hillel students.

Rabbi Y. Boruch Sufrin of Harkham Hillel in Beverly Hills surprised his students with a real-life Purim hero March 15 by welcoming Major Moshe Scheinfeld home. Scheinfeld had just returned from a nine-month deployment in Afghanistan for the U.S. Army and not only surprised the school, but his three children who had no idea he was coming to surprise them.

“It was very hush hush,” Rivka Scheinfeld told the Journal. “We knew he was coming home before Purim. We didn’t know exactly, but I picked him up Friday. The kids didn’t know. This was a true surprise for them. They ran to him and they were shocked they were so happy that he was back.”

Photo courtesy of Rivka Scheinfeld

In his remarks following the welcome, he shared with the students his pillar of strength during his time of service which was learning Pirkei Avot and Tehillim. He then gave thanks to Rabbi Sufrin, the Hillel families and staff who gave him and his family strength and support while he served.

“It really was special. And the community, I have to say, was amazing to our family,” Rivka added.

Rivka said she was happy that their family was able to celebrate Purim together. She said the family dressed as a basketball team so their kids were the basketball players while Rivka and Moshe were the referees.

“We were all together,” she said adding that he finished his deployment. “He’s home for good now. He’s home.”

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