November 17, 2018

Genesis Prize Foundation to Launch Women’s Empowerment Challenge

The Genesis Prize Foundation (GPF) announced on June 27 that they will be launching their new Women’s Empowerment Challenge, which will be a competition for Jewish organizations to receive grants for coming up with proposals to promote gender equality.

According to a press release from GPF, grants will be given to organizations that propose better ways to prevent gender discrimination and sexual harassment in the workplace, gender sensitivity and inclusivity programs, providing better opportunities for Jewish females in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) fields and comparing salaries between men and women in Jewish communal fields.

Grant recipients could receive up to $2 million in grants – $1 million from GPF plus another $1 million from Israeli philanthropist Morris Kahn.

“This is the first matching grants initiative to focus on women’s advancement in the North American Jewish community since gender inequality and harassment issues came to the forefront of public attention,” GPF President Steve Rakitt said. “We call on other donors and foundations to join us in this important effort.”

The Jewish Funders Network will also be overseeing the competition.

The announcement comes after GPF’s May announcement that they’re going to be hosting a competition for women’s rights NGOs to win $1 million grants.