September 22, 2019

Netanyahu’s approval rating: A slow rise

Latest update: December 13, 2012

The following Netanyahu Index is conducted by Panels Politics, which has kindly given Rosner's Domain permission to use the information.  

At least once a month, in association with the Knesset Channel, Panels asks the Israeli public to grade Benjamin Netanyahu on how well he is conducting himself as prime minister. Each survey is conducted with 500 respondents, and is representative of the adult population of Israel. The poll asks for a grade on a scale of 1 – bad to 10 – excellent, and the result is the simple average score of all the responses. The poll has been ongoing for some two years, and allows us to see Netanyahu's grade during key events, such as the Carmel fire, the social protests, Gilad Shalit's release, the Haredi draft efforts and more.




Prof. Camil Fuchs’ graph (this graph is an ‎exclusive J Meter feature), August 22, 2012


How the ranking is determined

• The index is primarily based on published polls from four media ‎sources: Dialog-Haaretz, the Panels Institute, Channel 10 television ‎and the Dahaf Institute. It will be updated regularly at Rosner’s ‎Domain; we will add relevant polls from other sources as we go ‎along.‎

• The wording of the relevant question in the Dialog-Haaretz and ‎Channel 10 polls was, “Do you approve or disapprove of Benjamin ‎Netanyahu’s performance as prime minister?” (the literal translation ‎from the Hebrew version is “satisfied” and “not satisfied,” rather ‎than “approve” and “disapprove”).‎

• The Panel Institute polls asked respondents to grade the prime ‎minister’s performance on a scale of 1 to 10. The Dahaf polls asked ‎respondents to evaluate the prime minister’s performance using five ‎categories: very good, good, mediocre, bad and very bad.‎

• The two linear regression models were fitted to the Panels and the ‎Dahaf polls’ data, with the response variable being the proportions of ‎the dichotomous variable with the categories “approve” and “disapprove.”‎‎