Emotional Technology or Modern Day Lobotomy

November 13, 2012

Taking care of ourselves and the practice of emotional maintenance has evolved into far more than what our Ten Commandments originated as.

When Moses and the Israelites first faced G-d's covenant, they were both terrified and obedient.

I generally have the opposite reaction when I hear about modern day, alternative therapies.  I would have to suspend my disbelief to buy in, a personal impossibility.
I, like many others, find it necessary to rebel when posed with “cutting edge” cures including Equine Assisted, Hyperberic Oxygen, and Reiki Therapy.  Although I am confident that there must be some usefulness in these methods  (much like lobotomies), they are no match for the profound and simple road map of the Commandments:  Don't murder. Worship God. Do not injure family bonds. Do not bear false witness. Honor your parents. Tell the truth. Most importantly, don't take my property and put it on your lawn claiming it's yours. 

These countless alternative therapies, risk a grassroots approach to living and coping with emotions appropriately.  The Torah and the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous provide a parallel message of serving G-d and our fellow man/woman.  If you ever question the validity or relevance of your existence, these two texts provide answers no matter how hard you try to bastardize or blaspheme either one.  Each point to the ultimate reference of existence as the extension of one hand to another and staying connected to our common welfare of unity.  These texts say that, “without you I don't exist,” and visa versa.  The power of the group is stronger than a strayed individual.

Moses and the Israelites showed us this.  It couldn't be more clear.  They didn't need analysis; were was no moment of “floral group processing.”  It was a poetic display of faith. Faith in G-d and faith in others. 

So if you, like I, know these simple truths, and struggle with the notion of paying (x) for an individual therapy session, have an expectation of making life less complicated, then how is it that I find myself in line at the new high-end “magnet therapy” clinic in Beverly Hills?

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