Brave-ish wins Literary Titan Gold Book Award

May 10, 2024

Brave-ish is a WINNER of the Literary Titan Gold Book Award

The Literary Titan Book Award honors authors who turn complex topics into engaging narratives, enriching our understanding with top-quality writing and research.

Literary Titan Gold Book Award – Nonfiction: The Literary Titan Book Award recognizes outstanding nonfiction books that demonstrate exceptional quality in writing, research, and presentation. This award is dedicated to authors who excel in creating informative, enlightening, and engaging works that offer valuable insights. Recipients of this award are commended for their ability to transform complex topics into accessible and compelling narratives that captivate readers and enhance our understanding.



2024 Literary Titan Non-fiction Gold Book Award 2023 Zibby Awards Runner-up: Best Book for The Strong Woman 2023 HEARTEN Book Awards Finalist for Inspiring & Uplifting Non-Fiction 2023 WINNER: Goody Business Book Awards: Memoir/Self-Help Featured in Conde Nast Traveler Women Who Travel Book Club: 10 New Books We Can’t Wait to Read this Fall As seen in Forbes Best New NonFiction

Thank you to Literary Titan for this marvelous 5 star review of my memoir!

Brave-ish by Lisa Niver is an engaging memoir that masterfully interweaves the challenging dynamics of a marriage at a crossroads with vivid accounts of solo travel and self-exploration. The narrative transports readers from the lively streets of Thailand to Fiji’s serene landscapes and into the opulent heart of Monaco, all while offering an introspective look at Niver’s personal journey.

In Brave-ish, Lisa Niver emerges as a relatable figure, akin to a close friend who has weathered significant challenges yet maintains a sense of humor. Her candor in discussing the emotional aftermath of her marriage and the subsequent steps toward recovery is both striking and inspiring. The memoir goes beyond the excitement of adventures like shark diving and car racing in Vegas, framing these experiences as pivotal moments in Niver’s path to healing. While the memoir at times delves deeply into the emotional aspects of her life, potentially overshadowing the more light-hearted, travel-centric narratives, it is precisely this vulnerability that lends authenticity to her story. The book skillfully blends reflective thought with the excitement of global exploration. Niver doesn’t just pass through destinations; she fully immerses herself in them, extracting meaningful insights from each experience, whether confronting fears or embracing different cultures. She is the approachable protagonist of her own story, exemplifying that true bravery often lies in perseverance.

Brave-ish is an invitation to confront the unfamiliar, to discover resilience in openness. Lisa Niver’s memoir is not only a revealing journey into her own experiences but also a reflective look at the adventurous spirit that resides within us all. It appeals to anyone drawn to the unknown and serves as a poignant reminder that often, the most significant adventures are those that take place within ourselves.


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Although Lisa Niver has traveled in far-off locales from Vanuatu to Nepal and received numerous accolades for both her writing and her top ranked website, what people don’t realize is that this began from the wreckage of a rotten romance.

Newlywed Niver was on the adventure of a lifetime. She had quit her job, rented out her condo, and was traveling around Asia. To the outside world, Niver was a woman living out her dreams of exploring ancient ruins in Cambodia and seeing orangutans in Borneo. In private, she was keeping a dark secret. But, when she found herself lying on a sidewalk in Thailand, looking up at the sky in severe pain, she knew things had to change. At age forty-seven, Niver found the courage to set course on a new life.

Feeling like a failure, pushing fifty, and moving home to her parents’ house to start again from scratch, Niver started taking one tiny “brave-ish” step at a time to take her life far away from the old one and into the adventurous world of travel writing. These small hurdles led to the challenge of trying fifty new things before turning fifty. From diving into shipwrecks, swimming with sharks, bobsledding at 3 Gs, to indulging in wild escapades, Niver found herself traversing the world on a journey of reinvention, personal growth, and discovering what it actually means to be “brave.”

While Brave-ish chronicles Niver’s inspiring expeditions to distant corners of the world including Myanmar, Cuba, Morocco, Kenya and Mongolia this is more than a travelogue. Niver’s story is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the power of perseverance. Brave-ish inspires readers to dream big, take risks, and embrace the unknown to create a life filled with wonder and excitement, even when courage seems elusive.

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